Streamlining the study of foreign languages

Fecha Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Getting rid of examinations and returning to continuous assessment. This is the decision made by the teachers of the languages school.


Like many of my classmates, I had been concerned about the proposal to get rid of examinations, feeling that the new plans to get the qualifications could be much more subjective than conducting a single test for each one of the skills or, worse, could lower the level of these ones. However, what I heard during these days made me change my mind.


Studying a foreign language is complex and requires time to study, technique to write, ability to speak and, above all, ear to understand. And there is no doubt that attending lessons is very important for the evolution of the different skills. Inevitably, there must be tests from time to time and daily homework -nowadays, all sorts of exercises and practice can be made thanks to the Internet- in order to get fluency. And thus, teachers can be witnesses of this evolution and assess their pupils in a fair way. Knowing them, they will be able to understand if they have a bad day. That is not possible when the mark depends on a single test.


So despite my initial scepticism, I feel this decision is a great asset to us. Not just to pupils, but also to teachers. Both will be more motivated to achieve their goals, learn and teach respectively.


by Moldavia

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