December 2012

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Thomas answered our questions about his Christmas. Thanks


Do you celebrate Christmas where you live?

Yes we celebrate Christmas in Austria. Actually it is the biggest and most important Holiday I guess. 

What do you do on Christmas Day?

On Christmas Day we normally celebrate Christmas with our family (icl. grandma, grandpa, uncle and aunt, … ) around noon. At first we sing Christmas Carols (normally just “Silent Night”) then we get our presents, and afterwards we have lunch. 

 Do you have a special lunch? 

In Austria there is a fashion of eating Christmas carp on Christmas Day, but we never had one of these in our Family. However we normally eat something special. And since my parents really dig meat it is something like stake or fondue. 

Do you give presents to family and friends?

YES! :) Christmas presents play a very important role in Austria (for me a little bit too important one). Sadly in the news they are talking nowadays about good or bad Christmas according to sales figures. However I like not only to get some presents but also to give something, although sometimes it’s really hard to find the right thing.  

What’s your favourite part of the Christmas holiday? 

My favourite part of Christmas is definitively Christmas Eve, where we celebrate only with the close family (my mum, dad, sister and my grandma).

It is always very comfy and I really like to spend this time of the year with them. That’s also the reason I go home this Christmas. 

Apart from that we normally celebrate Christmas with many friends in front of our house before Christmas Eve.

My dad cooks some punch, which we heat over a big campfire and my mother and some friends play carols on the trumpet and flute, …
Over the last years this has become a tradition on Christmas, where not only the friends of my parents come, but also my friends and my sister.

I guess especially this year, that’s the part I’m looking forward to most: Seeing my friends and celebrating a little bit with them! 

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Jingle bells is one of the most famous Christmas songs. This is a funny version to sing and dance

Baudenglish 1st cycle09 Dec 2012 08:24 pm

Wednesday, 12th of December

A storyteller, Mary, is coming to

‘Baudilio Arce’ School with


to 1st cycle pupils

What the Ladybird Heard  by Julia Donaldson,

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Thousands of children voted in this age group.

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While we are waiting for Christmas could you answer this question?

What are the names of Santa’s reindeer?