March 2014

General28 Mar 2014 09:51 am

  What a wonderful visit we have just had to Turkey. We were looked after so well and really united as a group. The visit began with a day in school where we joined in with English lessons and the Turkish children dramatised their information on hot air balloons.

All the teachers involved said how much they were enjoying being involved in the project, but, more importantly, how much the children were getting out of the experience, with finding out about different transport types and the video conferencing which allowed them to feel connected to the project schools. We had a very educational trip to Turkey and enjoyed the cultural experiences we undertook.

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Baudenglish 1st cycle& Level 118 Mar 2014 07:20 am

We’ll celebrate Poetry Day at school

and children from Primary Year 1 will sing this song:


a bear, a monkey, an elephant, a snake, a bird (vulture) and a leopard.

It’s also the first day of SPRING after a long WINTER!!

Let’s sing along together the ANIMAL BOOGIE song!

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Baudenglish Infants& Level 114 Mar 2014 05:35 pm

This video is a summary of all the activities related to Trains that we have done in class:

Toys and means of transport, songs, stories, scrapbooks, bookmarks, role-plays, etc.

Thanks to all children and their families for their hard work!!!

(See separate videos on Train cakes)

General& Level 209 Mar 2014 11:47 am

Level 2 pupils have enjoyed a lot learning about trains  and we worked hard at school making beautiful books about Thomas the engine and at home with our families building wonderful trains