October 2014

General31 Oct 2014 09:06 pm

Play again this Halloween song and have fun. Enjoy Halloween this weekend.

Click here and discover more Halloween activities,stories and songs.

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General29 Oct 2014 09:52 am

Halloween is here!

Would you like to learn and sing a spooky song?

Have a look at this video. ‘Spooky, spooky’, Halloween song.

There are monsters, black cats, witches, skeletons and many other spooky things doing spooky dance.

General25 Oct 2014 05:41 am

 Video-conferencing  (October 2014)

Poland-Spain  &  Turkey-Spain

We love video-conferencing! We have had a successful video-conference with Poland on Wednesday 22nd and with Turkey, on Thursday 23rd October. Thank you Comenius friends. It has been an amazing experience!.

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General16 Oct 2014 08:22 am

What a wonderful time we have just had in Poland. The staff, teachers and students at the primary school in Siedlin, Szkola Podstawowa, have been so welcoming.

We have prepared a photopeach presentation to show everybody some of the great moments we spent in Poland.

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General06 Oct 2014 11:20 am

First day in Polish school

We have started our first day at Primary School in Siedlin early in the morning with an amazing welcoming from students who wore the typical Polish clothes. They offered all Comenius partners a slice of bread with some salt that is the common way to say hello and welcome to people who visit their ‘home’.

The students  performed some plays and dances.

After that, we visited the school facilities,  had luch and visited Plonsk.