Auxiliar de conversación:

      a new adventure on the horizon!


Hey, there! I am the new English language assistant at Baudilio Arce. My name is Spasimira (complicated, right?) and I come from a faraway country called Bulgaria. Wait, what? So, I am a Bulgarian but teaching English?! Do not worry! I am studying in yet another faraway country called Scotland and more particularly in a beautiful (but, oh, so cold and windy) town which goes by the name Aberdeen. So, after spending an year studying Economics and Finance (yes, I am good with numbers) at the University of Aberdeen (actively practicing my English language skills, of course!) I decided to take advantage of the ERASMUS programme and embark on a new adventure to Spain! That’s how I ended up studying at Universidad de Oviedo… but wait, why would I want to study and teach at the same time?! Back at my school days I had some pretty amazing teachers – people who had influenced me, inspired me and helped me grow as an individual. So, I have always wanted to give back, to inspire someone back, because for me teaching is not about succeeding in making someone memorize something. For me teaching is about guiding someone to the right questions and helping them find the right answers, giving them the facts and leading them to their conclusions. School is about learning how to think, not what to think! That’s why when I was offered the chance to apply for the Auxiliares de conversación programme, I did it straight away. After my first week “back to school”, I feel as if I have learned much more from those little ‘troublemakers’ than they have from me. Oh, how fast do we grow up and how much do we lose on our way to adulthood! But we have all been there and while I am trying to remember what was going on in the little head of my six years old self, I can’t help but smile at all those childhood memories that come to my mind…That’s what is great about ‘being back’, I can have the best from both worlds, being responsible and slightly irresponsible, being serious and playful at the same time, being able to forget the world for a couple of hours and just enjoy my time with the kids. So, now I am waiting for the challenges a new school day has to offer. Will I be ready? Sure, I will. After all, I have been there, done that… not too long ago!