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Level 210 Mar 2015 07:04 pm

Observing Plants

What a lovely time we spent together in Science !

We made an outdoor activity. Children enjoyed and learned  at the same time. With this fun activity, children become a scientist by observing, recording data, and drawing pictures of different types of plants: deciduous and evergreen trees, bushes and grass. It has been fantastic!

Baudenglish 1st cycle& General& Level 122 Jun 2014 02:18 am

In Primary Year 1 we read the story:


And we have our own caterpillars!!!

We see the life cycle: caterpillar - cocoon - butterfly - egg.

We go to the tree together to collect green leaves for the caterpillars, they are very hungry!!!

This is a fun way to study Science and English at school!!

and this is the story: THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Baudenglish 2nd cycle& Baudenglish 3rd cycle& Baudenglish Infants& General& Level 1& Level 2& Level 3& Level 4& Level 5& Level 606 Jun 2014 03:22 pm

As part of our Comenius Project, our partners from the UK

have prepared a presentation about BOATS and the TITANIC.

Then, at our school, we have prepared a TV programme

to present this information. We hope you enjoy it!!!

 Many thanks to all the children who have participated in the video, well done!!!

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Level 129 May 2014 01:25 pm

We created a travelling book where each child had to describe an animal and tell us things about themselves. Each day, one student took the travelling book home and they answered the questions and made a drawing of their animal. Then, he/she was the mini-teacher on the following dayand presented their animal to the other children.

It is…… wild / domestic

It has got…….. X legs  / fur, feathers, scales, a shell…

It lives IN the water / ON land.

It walks / flies / slithers / swims.

This way, we now have two beautiful Animals books from A to Z.


Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Level 1& Level 211 May 2014 12:50 pm

Julie, our Erasmus student, has prepared a board game about London.

We were divided into 4 teams, and we had to answer questions about some important sights in London.

We also listened to the song: “Fly to London”

(see link under Our Favourite Songs too)

We had fun rolling the dice and playing together!!!

Thanks everybody!

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Level 127 Apr 2014 11:45 am

We celebrated BOOK DAY at school in the library.

First of all, we listened to Laura and Marcelino (LaMar) with their beautiful songs to recite famous poems by Gloria Fuertes and Lope de Vega.

Then, we listened to Primary Year 2 students with their acrostics.

Finally, Primary Year 1 children sang this song: the Animal Boogie.

Enjoy it!!!

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Level 127 Apr 2014 12:16 am

Children from Primary Year 1 planted beans, chickpeas and lentils to see how a plant grows.

A plant has got several parts: ROOTS, STEMS, LEAVES and FLOWERS.

Plants need 4 things to grow: WATER, AIR, SUNLIGHT and NUTRIENTS in the SOIL.

Thanks everybody for taking part in this experiment in Science!

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Baudenglish Infants& General02 Apr 2014 10:14 am

Thank you so much to all the children and their families who have created these beautiful scrapbooks about TRAINS for our COMENIUS project.

This is a fantastic way of compiling everybody’s experience about trains with pictures, tickets, drawings, etc.

They will be at your disposal at our Comenius corner, please have a look!!!

Please find below the following SCRAPBOOKS: INFANTS 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B and PRIMARY 1A, 1B.

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Esta película necesita Flash Player 7

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Level 118 Mar 2014 07:20 am

We’ll celebrate Poetry Day at school

and children from Primary Year 1 will sing this song:


a bear, a monkey, an elephant, a snake, a bird (vulture) and a leopard.

It’s also the first day of SPRING after a long WINTER!!

Let’s sing along together the ANIMAL BOOGIE song!

Baudenglish 1st cycle& Baudenglish Infants& Level 114 Mar 2014 05:35 pm

This video is a summary of all the activities related to Trains that we have done in class:

Toys and means of transport, songs, stories, scrapbooks, bookmarks, role-plays, etc.

Thanks to all children and their families for their hard work!!!

(See separate videos on Train cakes)

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