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Book review

28 Abril 2010
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Book review

Not sure what to say? Keep these tips in mind:

Be honest: Give your review personality and remember that we want to know what you REALLY think.

Be detailed: Tell us exactly what you liked or didn’t. Was it a story you couldn’t put down? Were the characters just like people you know? What made it special?

Be accurate: Be sure to get the title, author, and character names right, plus double-check your spelling and grammar.

DON’T spoil it: Please don’t give away the ending! Tell readers enough about the plot to hook them, but keep them hanging so that they want to read the book.


Book Title:


Author’s Name:


What type of book is it?


Mystery & Adventure

Fantasy & Science Fiction

Legends, Myths, $ Tales


Non fiction



Tell one interesting thing about the book



Explain why you liked or didn’t like the book