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24 Mayo 2010
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     ibiza_sunset_27_03_2008_12_23_48.jpg   Chulo   Hello, I´m Jose and I want to tell you about my first holidays in Ibiza Island.

                  When I was a teenager I was living in Barcelona with my friend and flatmate Mario who was from Ibiza. We were working as waiters in a club at nigths and we were party animals.     

                In June we had a few days off work so Mario told me: Wy don´t we go to my parent´s house in Ibiza, and I said: Wy not?    

        The next day we were at the airport looking forward to taking a plane but we lost our boarding cards so we went to Ibiza by boat. We arrived in Ibiza on Friday evening but our first night there was quite boring because most people were foreigners and we only spoke Spanish and a little French so we spent all night hoping to meet someone. 

           On Saturday morning we hired a card and drove to a beautiful beach called “Las Salinas” where people spent their time sunbathing, doing sports and listening to music all day. It was like a paradise.   

         My friend Mario was very funny and talkative so he began to talk with two beautiful girls called Bea and Maria and they laughet a lot at his jokes. Mario was very generous and he took us to have delicious seafood in a nice restaurant by the sea while we were watching the sunset. At night we went to a disco were we had a good time.   

         On Sunday, we had to come back to Barcelona but Bea and Maria told us: Wy don´t you look for a job in Ibiza and stay here this summer?

So we came back in September and later at Chrismas Bea and Maria came to Barcelona for a week but Bea stayed with me and now she´s my wife and we have two children called Mario and Maria.

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

24 Mayo 2010
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The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde       The story began when an American family arrived in London. The father, Mr. Otis was a business man. He had to work in London, but he wanted to live in the countryside, near London. In London he met Lord Canterville, who had an old house: Canterville Chase and Mr. Otis thought that this house was OK ( or very well) for him and his family. Lord Canterville told him the house had a problem, it had a ghost, but Mr. Otis answered him they didn’t believe in ghosts, so he bought the house. All the family moved to Canterville Chase and from their arrival the ghost tried to frighten them, but our American family answered him with funny retorts. The ghost was very unhappy and angry. One day he met Virginia, Mr Otis’ daughter, and he told her his story. He was Sir Simon Canterville and he had murdered his wife, Lady Leonore .After that his brothers in law grabbed (took) him and tied him on a wall until he starved to death. He wouldn’t have peace till a girl helped him. Both of them disappeared and when Virginia appeared again she led her family to a dark cell where there was a skeleton. He was Sir Simon Canterville’s.  Evaluation I liked the book very much. The plot is quite simple but I laughed a lot with the funny situations where the ghost tried to scare the family.

A Special Holidays

24 Mayo 2010
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          I went on holidays lots of times, but one of them was special. It was in July in 2002. I went on holiday with my husband and another couple of friends. We went to Tignes for a week.

         Tignes is a village in the Savoie Alps, in France. We went there to do snowboarding, sailing, sunbathing, we went to a swiming pool….. How is it possible? Tignes has a glacier called Grande Motte covered by perpetual snow, where you can do snowboarding or skiing all year round.

         Every morning we woke up early and went up by funicular to the glacier. We practiced snowboarding and returned to the hotel to have lunch. In the afternoons we went sunbathing, sailing on Lake Tignes, we played golf or swam. Although in the glacier it was snowing, in the village the weather was sunny.

         I enjoyed this holiday because there was sun and snow, summer and winter in the same place, and I could do a lot of different things.

          But the most special thing happened to myself on this holiday it was that nine months later, I gave birth to my first daughter.

Voodoo Island

24 Mayo 2010
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        The book’s title is “Voodoo Island” and the author’s name is Michael Duckworth. It’s a Mystery book.

         The story talks about James Conway, a business man who leaves to Haiti Island from America. He wants to build houses, shops and hotels. He bought very cheap land and built a new town. After that, he bought a graveyard to build shops and a hotel.                                    

         Kee was an old man who had his grandfather in the graveyard. He was very angry and told Mr Conway that if he didn’t build in the graveyard, he would give him all the things he wants in the life. Mr. Conway didn’t believe in Voodoo and built in the graveyard. The old man, who always kept a promise, gave him everything he wanted. But, what was it? If you want to know it, you have to read the book.                                     

         I liked the book because I love mystery stories and although it’s a mystery book, it made me laugh at the end.

          I recommend this book because it’s short and easy to read. It doesn’t have difficult vocabulary.

First conditional

24 Mayo 2010
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