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A Special Holidays

24 Mayo 2010
Publicado por luzmmpgi30 en: General topics
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          I went on holidays lots of times, but one of them was special. It was in July in 2002. I went on holiday with my husband and another couple of friends. We went to Tignes for a week.

         Tignes is a village in the Savoie Alps, in France. We went there to do snowboarding, sailing, sunbathing, we went to a swiming pool….. How is it possible? Tignes has a glacier called Grande Motte covered by perpetual snow, where you can do snowboarding or skiing all year round.

         Every morning we woke up early and went up by funicular to the glacier. We practiced snowboarding and returned to the hotel to have lunch. In the afternoons we went sunbathing, sailing on Lake Tignes, we played golf or swam. Although in the glacier it was snowing, in the village the weather was sunny.

         I enjoyed this holiday because there was sun and snow, summer and winter in the same place, and I could do a lot of different things.

          But the most special thing happened to myself on this holiday it was that nine months later, I gave birth to my first daughter.

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1. jmanuelgpgi30 - 25 Mayo 2010 

When I heard your topic I didin´t understand it very well because of my basic English, but now, after reading it I think It´s a very good story which can you tell to your daughter and I´m sure she´s going to Tignes when she´s older.

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