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The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

24 Mayo 2010
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The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde       The story began when an American family arrived in London. The father, Mr. Otis was a business man. He had to work in London, but he wanted to live in the countryside, near London. In London he met Lord Canterville, who had an old house: Canterville Chase and Mr. Otis thought that this house was OK ( or very well) for him and his family. Lord Canterville told him the house had a problem, it had a ghost, but Mr. Otis answered him they didn’t believe in ghosts, so he bought the house. All the family moved to Canterville Chase and from their arrival the ghost tried to frighten them, but our American family answered him with funny retorts. The ghost was very unhappy and angry. One day he met Virginia, Mr Otis’ daughter, and he told her his story. He was Sir Simon Canterville and he had murdered his wife, Lady Leonore .After that his brothers in law grabbed (took) him and tied him on a wall until he starved to death. He wouldn’t have peace till a girl helped him. Both of them disappeared and when Virginia appeared again she led her family to a dark cell where there was a skeleton. He was Sir Simon Canterville’s.  Evaluation I liked the book very much. The plot is quite simple but I laughed a lot with the funny situations where the ghost tried to scare the family.

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