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Voodoo Island

24 Mayo 2010
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        The book’s title is “Voodoo Island” and the author’s name is Michael Duckworth. It’s a Mystery book.

         The story talks about James Conway, a business man who leaves to Haiti Island from America. He wants to build houses, shops and hotels. He bought very cheap land and built a new town. After that, he bought a graveyard to build shops and a hotel.                                    

         Kee was an old man who had his grandfather in the graveyard. He was very angry and told Mr Conway that if he didn’t build in the graveyard, he would give him all the things he wants in the life. Mr. Conway didn’t believe in Voodoo and built in the graveyard. The old man, who always kept a promise, gave him everything he wanted. But, what was it? If you want to know it, you have to read the book.                                     

         I liked the book because I love mystery stories and although it’s a mystery book, it made me laugh at the end.

          I recommend this book because it’s short and easy to read. It doesn’t have difficult vocabulary.

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