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25 Mayo 2010
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The Ghost of Genny Castle is a short,mistery story. This story was written by John Escott in 1995.

The story is about Claire, a girl who goes to stay at her aunt’s cottage for Christmas.

In the village where her aunt lives there’s a castle with a tall and black tower; Claire wants to visist it, but the village people, and her aunt too, tell her that the castle isn’t a good place to visit, because it’s dangerous and there strange accidents allways happen so animals and people die…

One day, a boy tells Claire that in the castle there’s a ghost with fair hair; Claire thinks it’s a fantasy and she decides to visit the castle and know its secret.

The story that the book tells is really interesting because it has mystery with a ghost,witches and a old castle. The story has all the ingredients to be a good terror book but, for me, it’s very strange because the end comes too soon and I want to know more! Maybe, if the end was different I would like the book very much.

I can recomend this book for a person who doesn’t have much time because it’s short and very easy to read, but if you have time … read another book more interesting!!!





25 Mayo 2010
Publicado por jmanuelgpgi30 en: Book review
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        The  book that I read was titled “The wizard of Oz”, written by L. Frank Baum.  

        It was an adventure book about a child called Dorothy who lived in Kansas with her family and her little black dog called Toto.  

       The weather in Kansas was very strange because there were cyclones which could move up trees, houses and people into the air.  

       One day a cyclone moved up Dorothy´s house and her dog slowly into the sky and after many hours the house fell and they arrived to a magic country called “Oz” where they met many friends like a scarecrow, a tin man and a coward lion.     

       They walked along a yellow brick road which drove them to Emerald City where lived the famous wizard of Oz, the only person who could help Dorothy and Toto to come back to Kansas and he could help her friends too, because the tin man wanted to have a heart to be able to feel or love, the scarecrow wanted to have some brains to be more clever and the coward lion wanted to be brave.    

        Although I knew the end of the book because of the film, I enjoyed a lot reading it because it was my first book read in English.