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25 Mayo 2010
Publicado por vanessagbgi30 en: Book review
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The Ghost of Genny Castle is a short,mistery story. This story was written by John Escott in 1995.

The story is about Claire, a girl who goes to stay at her aunt’s cottage for Christmas.

In the village where her aunt lives there’s a castle with a tall and black tower; Claire wants to visist it, but the village people, and her aunt too, tell her that the castle isn’t a good place to visit, because it’s dangerous and there strange accidents allways happen so animals and people die…

One day, a boy tells Claire that in the castle there’s a ghost with fair hair; Claire thinks it’s a fantasy and she decides to visit the castle and know its secret.

The story that the book tells is really interesting because it has mystery with a ghost,witches and a old castle. The story has all the ingredients to be a good terror book but, for me, it’s very strange because the end comes too soon and I want to know more! Maybe, if the end was different I would like the book very much.

I can recomend this book for a person who doesn’t have much time because it’s short and very easy to read, but if you have time … read another book more interesting!!!




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