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26 Mayo 2010
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I live in Colunga which is a town on the coast in the North- East of Asturias; Colunga is in the Cider’s Region and It has a population of 3.908 people.
It’s has a beautiful town, with many beautiful villages like “Lastres”, “La Isla”, “Gobiendes”…
Colunga has wonderful beaches and It has many rural routes to go for a walk. Although Colunga is a small town, It has all the places that you need to live or spend your holidays (many people go there on holidays); there are churches,bars,restaurants,supermarkets… and there’s a famous museum which is The Jurasic Museum.

The weather here, sometimes, is different from the rest of Asturias because Colunga has a micro-climate. In my town there is “El Sueve”, a big mountain which influences the weather. Sometimes, “El Sueve” doesn’t let the clouds get to Colunga, but other times, “El Sueve” doesn’t let the fog leave Colunga.
In general,the weather is warm: the winter isn’t too cold and the summer isn’t too hot.

Colunga is famous for its beautiful beaches like “La Griega”, “La Isla” or “La Espasa”.Its Jurasic Museum is very famous too and tourist and students come to visit it. “El Sueve” is another attraction, because it’s the nearest mountain to the coast in Europe.

I love living here because it’s the most peaceful place where I can live. You can sleep well because there isn’t noise at night!
Here you can go for a walk, go swimming, go to the beach, to the mountain… For me, Colunga is the best!!!

Note: Models of the photos are Patry and Sara! :)