Romeo and Juliet

20 05 2009

Título: Romeo and Juliet

Autor: William Shakespeare

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Intermedio


Romeo and Juliet is a tragic romance written early in the career of playwright William Shakespeare and  along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays. It tells the impossible relationship between two young lovers in Verona. Romeo is the son of Lord Montague and Juliet is the daughter of Lord Capulet. The problem is that these families are bitter enemies and don´t understand their love. Moreover, Lord Capulet has found a husband for his daughter (Paris) and Juliet´s cousin was killed by a Capulet. Juliet weeps a lot and is confused because she wants to marry Romeo.  In the end, all the characters die: Juliet, Romeo and Paris. Juliet kills herself when she sees that Romeo has drunk poison and Paris is killed by Romeo. 

It is a very sad story but the greatest love story ever written! 

Valoración: 5/5

Carmen Alvarez  2ºNI



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