The Prisioner of Zenda

12 02 2010

Título: The Prisioner of Zenda

Autor: Anthony Hope

Editorial: Pearson

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio


The book that I read is “The Prisioner of Zenda” by Anthony Hope. It´s an adventure book and the story is told by the main character.

This novel is about the adventures of a young English gentleman, Rudolf Rassendyll, in the fictional European kingdom of Ruritania where he lives the adventure of his life: he has to impersonate the King of the country who was drugged by his evil brother, Duke Michael.

I think the book is quite absorbing. The most interesting part is when Rassendyll and his friend carry out their plan to save the King. I would recommend it as an entertaining book for those who enjoy adventures and romance.

Valoración: 4/5

Lucía González Gutierrez  2ºNI



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