The Prisioner of Zenda

25 02 2010

Título: The Prisioner of Zenda

Autor: Anthony Hope

Editorial: Pearson

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio

Review:  ”The Prisioner of Zenda” contains all the features of a good adventure book: chance, surprise, danger, skill and love.

The book opens with adventure-loving young Rudolf Rassendyll at home in England, looking for excitement. One day he reads in the newspaper that a new King, Rudolf the Fifth, is going to be crowned in Ruritania and he decides to go there. When he arrives, he stays in the town of Zenda where he meets the new King and discovers that he looks just like him. The King finds this similarity really amusing at first, but then it becomes really important.

From my point of view the story is quite moving and well-written. There is a lot of new vocabulary and some adjectives are a bit difficult to understand, but that doesn´t affect the reading.

If you like adventure books, you shouldn´t miss this one!

Valoración: 4/5

Jesús Franco Ampuero  2ºNI



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