Saving Private Ryan

15 03 2010

Título: Saving Private Ryan

Autor: Max Allan Collins

Editorial: Penguin

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio

Review: This book tells the story of James Ryan, a veteran soldier who is visiting Normandy with his family, a place where he was fighting when he was a soldier 54 years before.

When D-Day finished on June 6, all of his brothers who were also  in the army, had fallen in the battle. Then the army chief of staff, General Marshall, ordered to find the fourth brother and get him out of France and send him home. This part of the story tells us the hard work of a small unit of the army whose mission is to find private Ryan. Finally, after having lost two comrades in the fight they find him, but he refuses to abandon his duty and then they all decide to fight together. 
This book was easy to understand and entertaining if you like historical events. If you are a fan or enthusiastic about military history,  you will find a very good story in this book.

Valoración: 5/5

Vicente Suárez  2ºNI



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