The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

26 03 2010



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Review:  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was written by John Boyne, who is an Irish novelist whose novels are published in over 40 languages. This famous novel  is a  historical fiction book which was first published in 2006 and has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.  In 2008 it was made into a film, directed by Mark Herman.  

The story takes place at the Auschwitz extermination and concentration camp, where Bruno, a son of a Nazi officer who is promoted to  commandant of the camp, develops a  friendship with Shmuel,  a Jewish boy who lives on the other side of the wire fence and who is dressed in a prison uniform (or the “striped pyjamas of the title), as everybody in the camp. 

Every day  the children meet at the same spot and talk. Little by little, Bruno discovers the cruelties inflicted on the Jewish people and one day he decides to climb under the fence and explore Shmuel’s world. Finally, he will inevitably become subsumed by the terrible process of the final solution, the Holocaust. But, in spite of all difficulties Bruno and Shmuel are able to stay friends, to keep a relationship of pure innocence:

 “… despite the chaos that followed, Bruno found that he was still holding Shmuel’s hand in his own and nothing in the world would have persuaded him to let go…”

From my point of view, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a touching novel. The book is a page turner and a quick read, easy to follow and highly recommended for everybody, specially for young people, in order to instil the memory of the tragedy in future generations and to prevent future acts of genocide.

Valoración: 5/5

Eugenio Corpas  2ºNI



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