Circle Games

15 05 2010

IDIOMA: Inglés  

TÍTULO: Circle Games

AUTOR:  Frank Brennan

EDITORIAL : Cambridge


NIVEL: Básico

RESEÑA: “Circle games” is a collection of short stories told by an anonymous narrator that includes five different and surprising stories. 

The first story is about an old and boring Chinese lion dancer and how his life changes one day. The second story is about a couple who want to buy an old wooden wheel on an English pub wall. The next one is about a poor bicycle taxi driver in Singapore who helps a sick girl on the National Day. And the last one is about an English archaeologist student who finds a strange and very old disc which changes her life for a few weeks. 

The book is entertaining and easy to follow. I would recommend it to start to read books in English in the first months of the course.


Benedicto Fernández  2ºNI



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