The Sugar Glider

8 05 2010

IDIOMA: Inglés  

TÍTULO: The Sugar Glider

AUTOR:  Rod Neilsen

EDITORIAL : Cambridge


NIVEL: Intermedio

RESEÑA: This book was written by Rod Nielsen and first published in 2003. An anonymous narrator tells an adventure story set in Australia where two pilots have to do a strange secret job for the government.

Don Radcliffe returns to Australia hoping to rescue a failed marriage and to spend more time with his daughter, Judy. But first, Paul Copeman, an old friend, offers him a strange routine job in an old DC4 airplane called “The Sugar Glider”. With this job, they will earn enough money to start their dreamed flying school. They have to fly the old DC4 to Melbourne Air Museum, making a stop on the way in a mine to pick some things up for the government. To spend more time with his daughter, Judy joins the trip. When they land near Warrangi Mine in the planned stop, some workers put several boxes and containers in the plane as they fill up the fuel tanks. After that, they continue their trip changing the flight plan crossing the mountains. An hour and a half later, the engines stop working and “The Sugar Glider” crashes into the mountains. The survival characters have to try to return to civilization searching for help, but perhaps, they might have problems with the government’s people… or not. You should read the book to know the end of the story.

In my opinion, the book is worth-reading, thrilling and not boring at all. I would like to recommend this book to everybody. It is easy to follow and entertaining. It’s perfect!


Benedicto Fernández  2ºNI

Rabbit-Proof Fence

10 04 2010

WINNER ofThe Language Learner Literature Award 2007

TITLE: Rabbit-Proof Fence

AUTHOR: Doris Pilkington Garimara

RETOLD by: Jennifer Bassett


LEVEL: Intermediate

REVIEW: It is called Rabbit-Proof Fence and it is written by Doris Pilkington Garimara. It is a true story and the narrator is not present in the story, but she is the daughter of one of the main characters. The story takes place in Western Australia for about three months. The book is about the long journey of three girls who were far away from their desert home. Molly is a brave girl who, with her cousins Gracie and Daisy, escapes and walks back to Jingalong, their home, after being taken away from their families. They were sent to Moore River Native Settlement because they were mixed-race Aborigines and they had to go to the camp to learn how to live like the white man. They finally arrive at Jingalong following the rabbit-proof fence. The main characters are Molly, Gracie and Daisy. Molly is a fourteen-year-old girl who takes care of Gracie and Daisy during the entire trip. Gracie and Daisy are Molly’s cousins and they are younger than her. 

From my point of view, the book is rather entertaining and absolutely worth-reading. The most exciting part of the book is the last one, when they arrive home. I found this last chapter quite interesting; it’s very touching. It was really easy to understand and follow because the vocabulary is not too difficult.  

On balance, the book is highly recommendable to those who enjoy touching stories with a bit of adventure. Furthermore, you can see the film  based on the book if you liked it.

RATING: 5/5 

Ana Borrás Cernuda  2ºNI

Treasure Island

8 04 2010

IDIOMA: Inglés  

TÍTULO: Treasure Island 

AUTOR: Robert Louis Stevenson 

EDITORIAL : Vicens Vives 


NIVEL: Básico

RESEÑA: The story is about Jim Hawkins, who is the main character, and his friends on board the Hispaniola for an exciting voyage to Treasure Island. 

I invite people to read “The Pirates” where you can find out all about the fascinating world of buccaneers. I loved it and I recommend it because it is an adventure easy to read that I enjoyed a lot. 


Mª Benedicta Vegas Platón  2ºNB

The Prisioner of Zenda

7 04 2010

Título: The Prisioner of Zenda

Autor: Anthony Hope

Editorial: Pearson

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio


Review:  Today’s book is “The Prisoner of Zenda”, an adventure novel by Anthony Hope, first published back in 1894.

The main character is Rudolf Rassendyll, an English gentleman, who travels to Ruritania to see the King’s coronation. During the journey to Ruritania he meets Rudolf the Fifth, who is going to be crowned King the next day. That night Rudolf ’s brother, Duke Michael, drugs him so that he can’t assist to his coronation. Colonel Sapt, an old soldier in the service of the new King, urges Rudolf Rasendyll to act like Rudolf the Fifth, given the physical resemblance that exists between them, to save the kingdom from his evil brother Duke Michael.

The most amusing part of the book is when the trick is done and Rudolf Rassendyll must act as if he was Rudolf the Fifth.

The book is quite enjoyable and moving but a little bit predictable. I would recommend it to anyone because it is short and easy to read, with only just a few difficult words.

Valoración: 3.5/5

Pablo Aller San Juan  2ºNI

Novità: La Tomba di Alessandro

1 04 2010

Título: La tomba di Alessandro

Autor: Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Obra adaptada: NO

La storia della tomba di Alessandro è la storia di un’avventura. Districare le infinite leggende dai fatti, interpretare le fonti storiche, lacunose e contraddittorie, addentrarsi nel mito equivale a muoversi verso “una meta enigmatica e sfuggente come i miraggi del deserto”. Con l’affermarsi del cristianesimo, infatti, il sepolcro di Alessandro, eretto nella città che portava il suo nome e oggetto di venerazione e visite continue per sette lunghi secoli, in pochi anni cadde nell’oblio. Forse per cause naturali o eventi bellici, forse per una sorta di damnatio memoriae, forse per tutte queste ragioni insieme, di esso si perse ogni traccia. Tuttavia su Alessandria continuò ad aleggiare il fantasma del suo fondatore, che riprese vigore a partire dalla campagna napoleonica in Egitto, da quando cioè molti archeologi e una serie di avventurieri e cacciatori di tesori, ma anche tante persone comuni, si sono cimentati nell’impresa di ritrovare il corpo del più grande condottiero di tutti i tempi. Inseguendo un mito e un’illusione sorti con la morte stessa dell’eroe invincibile, del giovane dal carisma ineguagliabile, incarnazione dello splendore e della ferocia e delle diverse contraddizioni del genere umano. “L’illusione che, qualora arrivassimo un giorno e per assurdo a toccarlo, potremmo, chissà, finalmente capire.”

The Call of the Wild

12 03 2010

Título: The Call of the Wild

Autor: Jack London

Editorial: Penguin Readers

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Básico


Review: It´s a wonderful story about a dog that has to change his life completely. Finally, after a lot of adventures and some unpleasant experiences, he finds his place.

It´s easy to read, you don´t need to use the dictionary. It´s perfect for elementary level and if you love animals. You´ll like it,  don´t miss it!

Valoración: 5/5

Jose Allende  2ºNB

The Prisioner of Zenda

25 02 2010

Título: The Prisioner of Zenda

Autor: Anthony Hope

Editorial: Pearson

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio

Review:  ”The Prisioner of Zenda” contains all the features of a good adventure book: chance, surprise, danger, skill and love.

The book opens with adventure-loving young Rudolf Rassendyll at home in England, looking for excitement. One day he reads in the newspaper that a new King, Rudolf the Fifth, is going to be crowned in Ruritania and he decides to go there. When he arrives, he stays in the town of Zenda where he meets the new King and discovers that he looks just like him. The King finds this similarity really amusing at first, but then it becomes really important.

From my point of view the story is quite moving and well-written. There is a lot of new vocabulary and some adjectives are a bit difficult to understand, but that doesn´t affect the reading.

If you like adventure books, you shouldn´t miss this one!

Valoración: 4/5

Jesús Franco Ampuero  2ºNI

Big Fish

23 02 2010

Título: Big Fish

Autor: Daniel Wallace

Obra adaptada: NO

Nivel: Avanzado

Review: If you are looking for a story full of adventures, fantasy and naturalness narrated with a magic realism, your book is Big Fish.

This is a story about the reunion between a father and his son, before the father’s death. In fact, it brings them closer together and the relationship becomes intense and admirable. Edward Bloom, the father, has turned his life and his stories into big adventures to such an extent he doesn’t know how to separate fiction and reality, human and myth. 

The book is carefully written, with amazing descriptions. The writer has made the good choice of creating a fantastic and readable novel which mixes past and present flawlessly.I t is an absolutely gripping novel, you can’t put it down. Don’t miss your chance to read it, it will make the time pass touching the deepest of your heart.

Valoración: 5/5

Sandra Lombao Alvarez  2ºNA

The Prisioner of Zenda

12 02 2010

Título: The Prisioner of Zenda

Autor: Anthony Hope

Editorial: Pearson

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio


The book that I read is “The Prisioner of Zenda” by Anthony Hope. It´s an adventure book and the story is told by the main character.

This novel is about the adventures of a young English gentleman, Rudolf Rassendyll, in the fictional European kingdom of Ruritania where he lives the adventure of his life: he has to impersonate the King of the country who was drugged by his evil brother, Duke Michael.

I think the book is quite absorbing. The most interesting part is when Rassendyll and his friend carry out their plan to save the King. I would recommend it as an entertaining book for those who enjoy adventures and romance.

Valoración: 4/5

Lucía González Gutierrez  2ºNI

The Diary of a Young Girl

19 01 2010

Título: The Diary of a Young Girl

Autor: Anne Frank

Editorial: Penguin

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Intermediate



Review: The story takes place in Amsterdam between 1942 and 1944. The book tells the story of Anne Frank and her family. It is the time of the Second Wold War and the Germans have invaded the country. All the Jews fear for their lives. The Frank family decide to hide in a secret flat. Their younger daughter, Anne, begins to write a diary of their lives in hiding.
From my point of view the book is absorbing, I couldn´t put it down. I think that it is worth-reading because it tells us about the awful suffering of the Jews and their hopes during the Second Wold War. It was quite easy to understand and the language was not too difficult.
It is highly recommendable for people who like non-fiction and adventure stories.

Valoración: 4/5

Mª José González Rodríguez 2ºNI

Nothing but the Truth

10 04 2008

nothingbutthetruth.jpgTítulo: Nothing but the Truth

Autor: George Kershaw

Editorial: Cambridge University Press

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio

Reseña: Hu is a Chinese student at an international school in Bangkok. One of the teachers tries to bribe her and other students giving them extra English lessons. At first, Hu doesn’t say anything for fear. But after a journey, and acting in a musical, and thanks to the help of her classmates, she decides to say nothing but the truth.
I really recommend this book because it is very exciting and quite easy to understand. It shows you a real adventure of a teenager and it also has some comic situations

Valoración: 4/5

Marta Fernández Illanes