White Fang

9 04 2008

whitefnag1.jpgTítulo: White Fang

Autor: Jack London

Editorial: Penguin English

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio

Reseña: The story takes place partly in Canada and Partly in California. It’s the story of a half-dog, half-wolf called White Fang. He is completely wild but one day some men find him. He stays with then, with the bad “Gods” who make him fight and kill other dogs. But, one day, when he’s about to die, one man rescues him and his life changes.
I strongly recommend this book because it shows that animals have feelings and they do not just act on instinct. If you love animals, you’ll enjoy it.

Valoración: 5/5

Andrea Gemma Álvarez Moreno

Reseña: White Fang is different from other dogs. The wild life in the freezing north was very hard and it wasn’t easy to survive there, but … this made White Fang stronger and he learnt that he couldn’t trust men and other dogs…
However, things could change, because some people are different … not everybody is bad in this world.
I recommend this book because it tells us a beautiful story of the hardness of real life in the wild.

Valoración: 3/5

Sara María Álvarez Avellón.

The Time Trippers Go West

6 04 2008

Título: The Time Trippers Go West

Autor: Maria Jack - Ian Lister

Editorial: Mc Graw Hill

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio.

Reseña: The book tells us the extraordinary adventures of two school friends looking for their History teacher in the Wild West. This teacher was stuck in the past as a result of a journey in time. The plot explains how the two friends have to go back in time to the American Civil War in 1864 to rescue their teacher and come back to the present.
The book is quick to read because it has an interesting plot. I recommend it because it contains a lot of interesting vocabulary and comprehension exercises, and an extra section on culture. The book also includes an audio CD.

Valoración: 4/5.

Aurora Barrero López.