Treasure Island

8 04 2010

IDIOMA: Inglés  

TÍTULO: Treasure Island 

AUTOR: Robert Louis Stevenson 

EDITORIAL : Vicens Vives 


NIVEL: Básico

RESEÑA: The story is about Jim Hawkins, who is the main character, and his friends on board the Hispaniola for an exciting voyage to Treasure Island. 

I invite people to read “The Pirates” where you can find out all about the fascinating world of buccaneers. I loved it and I recommend it because it is an adventure easy to read that I enjoyed a lot. 


Mª Benedicta Vegas Platón  2ºNB


6 04 2010

Título: Frankenstein

Autor: Mary Shelley

Editorial: Heinle Cengage learning

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate + Audio CD

It was written by Mary Shelley in 1816. It is a graphic novel adaptation of a literary classic about a scientist who discovers the creation of life and he succeeds.The story is told by the creator of the monster: Victor Frankenstein, who is obsessed with the idea and builds a man using old body parts. Once the monster has life he escapes and later a series of tragic events happen around Victor. To finish with it,  Victor tries to kill the monster.

This is a book with a moral about the danger and responsibility of knowledge.  A classic comic that is very easy and enjoyable to read. A modern English version of the original script with reduced, simplified dialogues for faster reading. It has two audio CDs to follow the conversations that you can easily understand, even the monster! 

If you want to get deep into the theme, as a suggestion I recommend you to see the film “Young Frankenstein”  by Mel Brooks.

Valoración: 3/5

Alfredo Fernández Fernández

An Ideal Husband

17 03 2010

Título: An Ideal Husband

Autor: Oscar Wilde

Editorial: Penguin Readers

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Básico


Reseña: Una adaptación de todo un clásico, “An ideal husband”, describe la burguesía inglesa a través de un perfecto esposo que, como la burguesía, no lo es tanto. En formato de obra de teatro, dispuesta en diálogos, lo que hace muy fácil seguir la lectura con audio. Presenta una trama semejante a las aventuras de Conan Doyle: problema-intriga-solución.

 Valoración: 4/5

Jose Allende  2ºNB

New Arrivals: The Great Gatsby

4 03 2010

Título: The Great Gatsby

Autor: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Obra adaptada: NO

Editorial: Penguin Books

 Review: The Great Gatsby” (1925), F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece, stands among the greatest of all American fiction. Jay Gatsby’s lavish lifestyle in a mansion on Long Island’s gold coast encapsulates the spirit, excitement, and violence of the era Fitzgerald named ‘the Jazz Age’. Impelled by his love for Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby seeks nothing less than to recapture the moment five years earlier when his best and brightest dreams - his ‘unutterable visions’ - seemed to be incarnated in her kiss. A moving portrayal of the power of romantic imagination, as well as the pathos and courage entailed in the pusuit of an unattainable dream, The Great Gatsby is a classic fiction of hope and disillusion.

Book and film now available at the School Library!

New Arrivals: Breakfast at Tiffany´s

3 03 2010

Título: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Autor: Truman Capote

Obra adaptada: NO

Editorial: Penguin Books

 The heroine of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly Golightly, became one of Capote’s best known creations, and the book’s prose style prompted Norman Mailer to call Capote “the most perfect writer of my generation.”

For Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a turning point, as he explained to Roy Newquist (Counterpoint, 1964):

“I think I’ve had two careers. One was the career of precocity, the young person who published a series of books that were really quite remarkable. I can even read them now and evaluate them favorably, as though they were the work of a stranger… My second career began, I guess it really began with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It involves a different point of view, a different prose style to some degree. Actually, the prose style is an evolvement from one to the other—a pruning and thinning-out to a more subdued, clearer prose. I don’t find it as evocative, in many respects, as the other, or even as original, but it is more difficult to do. But I’m nowhere near reaching what I want to do, where I want to go. Presumably this new book is as close as I’m going to get, at least strategically.”

Book and film now available at the School Library!

Murder on the Orient Express

25 01 2010

muederorientexpress.jpgTítulo: Murder on the Orient Express

Autor: Agatha Christie

Editorial: Berkley

Obra adaptada: No

Nivel: Avanzado


Murder on the Orient Express was written by Agatha Christie, a famous British writer, who is the most widely published autor of all time. This popular novel was first published in 1934 and it is a detective story about a murder on the Orient Express. In 1974 it was made into a film starring Albert Finney and Ingrid Bergman, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, and was directed by Sidney Lumet. 

The story takes place at the legendary train called “Orient Express”, where a man called Casseti, a former killer, is murdered. One of the passengers, the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, starts investigating and he discovers that many of the passengers have some connection with the family of Daisy Armstrong, the girl kidnapped and murdered five years before by Casseti. All these suspected passengers want to avenge a crime that the law was unable to punish. In the end, the director of the railway company says that they should tell the police that the crime was commited by a stranger who escaped unnoticed. 

The main character is Hercule Poirot, a psychological detective who proceeds not by examination of the crime scene, but by enquiring either into the nature of the victim or the murder.  

In my opinion, this novel is entertaining and quite absorbing, the plot keeps your attention until the end. In fact, when I started to read it I couldn’t put it down. In spite of the fact that I had sometimes difficulties with the language because of the vocabulary unknown to me, I enjoyed reading it a lot. I think, this detective story is worth reading and I would recommend it as an entertaining book for those who enjoy mystery and thrillers.

Valoración: 4/5

Eugenio Corpas  2ºNI


21 01 2010

Título: Macbeth

Autor: Shakespeare, Brigit Viney

Editorial: Heinle Cengage learning

Obra adaptada: sí

Nivel: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate + Audio CD



It seems Conan but it is Macbeth. A graphic version of one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. A fun and easy way to read (and listen to) Shakespeare without dying in the attempt

Miriam Salazar  2ºNI

Neu in der Bibliothek: kleiner Mann, was nun?

20 01 2010

Título: Kleiner Mann, was nun?

Autor: Hans Fallada

Editorial: Aufbau Taschenbuch

Obra adaptada: No

Nivel: a partir de B1+

„Als Lämmchen und der Verkäufer Johannes Pinneberg heiraten, zeichnen sich böse Zeiten ab: die Weltwirtschaftskrise. Dennoch glauben die beiden an ihr Glück und an ihre Liebe. Das Glück will sich nicht einstellen, statt dessen gibt es Kummer und Sorgen. Als Pinneberg sich schließlich in das Millionenheer der Arbeitslosen einreihen muss, ist es Lämmchen, die das Leben ihres verzweifelten kleinen Mannes in ihre Hände nimmt.“

  Dieser Roman schildert das Alltagsleben in Deutschland um 1930 aus der Perspektive der „kleinen Leute“, mit ihren Ängsten, Hoffnungen, Tugenden, Schwächen und Stärken: das Ende der Weimarer Republik, Nationalsozialismus, Wirtschaftskrise, Arbeit und Arbeitslosigkeit. Ziel des Romans ist nicht Kritik zu üben, vielmehr wird die Reaktion der Menschen auf die zwischenmenschlichen Konflikte, die aufgrund einer so ernsthaften Lage entstehen, gezeigt; die sozialen Probleme werden sozusagen „privatisiert“


New Arrivals: Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises

14 01 2010

Título: Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises

Autor: Ernest Hemingway

Obra adaptada: NO


Paris in the twenties: Pernod, parties and expatriate Americans, loose-living on money from home. Jake is wildly in love with Brett Ashley, aristocratic and irresistibly beautiful, but with an abandoned, sensuous nature that she cannot change. When the couple drifts to Spain to the dazzle of the fiesta and the heady atmosphere of the bullfight, their affair is strained by new passions, new jealousies, and Jake must finally learn that he will never possess the woman he loves.

Powerful, intense, visually magnificent, Fiesta is the novel which established Ernest Hemingway as a writer of genius.


4 01 2010

Título: Rebecca

Autor: Daphne du Maurier

Editorial: Heinemann

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Upper-intermediate

Reseña: “Rebecca” was written by Daphne du Maurier, who was a famous British writer in the last century, and it was first published in 1938.  This popular novel, which has appeared in over twenty languages, is a mix of mystery, romance and thriller.  A character is narrating the story from her point of view, making us share her feelings until the end of the book.  In 1940 “Rebecca” was made into a film starring Sir Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.            

The majority of the story takes place in Manderley, a lovely country house by the sea and it tells us about his owner, Maxim de Winter, an English aristocrat, whose first beautiful wife, Rebecca, died there.  After that, Maxim meets an unspoilt young woman in Montecarlo and marries her, but the memory of Rebecca casts dark shadow on the new marriage.  Soon, the second Mrs de Winter is jealous because she thinks that her husband still loves Rebecca.  Later, Maxim tells his second wife that he killed Rebecca, because he hated her. Finally, after overcoming all difficulties, the couple return to Manderley to discover that the mansion is ablaze.  The main character is Rebecca, whose memory is always present along the plot.            

 From my point of view, “Rebecca” is an interesting and quite absorbing novel, and the film too.  What I enjoyed most was that the plot keeps you in suspense until the end.  If I had to choose a passage, it would be when Maxim tells his wife that he killed Rebecca.  In general, the book was easy to read but the language was a little bit difficult sometimes.            

I would like to recommend this novel to my classmates. I really think that “Rebecca” is an entertaining book for those who enjoy mystery stories.I’m sure they’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Valoración: 5/5

Eugenio Corpas Olmos  2ºNI

Romeo and Juliet

20 05 2009

Título: Romeo and Juliet

Autor: William Shakespeare

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Intermedio


Romeo and Juliet is a tragic romance written early in the career of playwright William Shakespeare and  along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays. It tells the impossible relationship between two young lovers in Verona. Romeo is the son of Lord Montague and Juliet is the daughter of Lord Capulet. The problem is that these families are bitter enemies and don´t understand their love. Moreover, Lord Capulet has found a husband for his daughter (Paris) and Juliet´s cousin was killed by a Capulet. Juliet weeps a lot and is confused because she wants to marry Romeo.  In the end, all the characters die: Juliet, Romeo and Paris. Juliet kills herself when she sees that Romeo has drunk poison and Paris is killed by Romeo. 

It is a very sad story but the greatest love story ever written! 

Valoración: 5/5

Carmen Alvarez  2ºNI