6 04 2010

Título: Frankenstein

Autor: Mary Shelley

Editorial: Heinle Cengage learning

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate + Audio CD

It was written by Mary Shelley in 1816. It is a graphic novel adaptation of a literary classic about a scientist who discovers the creation of life and he succeeds.The story is told by the creator of the monster: Victor Frankenstein, who is obsessed with the idea and builds a man using old body parts. Once the monster has life he escapes and later a series of tragic events happen around Victor. To finish with it,  Victor tries to kill the monster.

This is a book with a moral about the danger and responsibility of knowledge.  A classic comic that is very easy and enjoyable to read. A modern English version of the original script with reduced, simplified dialogues for faster reading. It has two audio CDs to follow the conversations that you can easily understand, even the monster! 

If you want to get deep into the theme, as a suggestion I recommend you to see the film “Young Frankenstein”  by Mel Brooks.

Valoración: 3/5

Alfredo Fernández Fernández


21 01 2010

Título: Macbeth

Autor: Shakespeare, Brigit Viney

Editorial: Heinle Cengage learning

Obra adaptada: sí

Nivel: Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate + Audio CD



It seems Conan but it is Macbeth. A graphic version of one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. A fun and easy way to read (and listen to) Shakespeare without dying in the attempt

Miriam Salazar  2ºNI

Asterix and Cleopatra in English

29 12 2009

50 Anni di Asterix

29 12 2009


Budino all’arsenico Asterix e Cleopatra

29 12 2009

Asterix et Cleopatre - Le pudding a l’arsenic

29 12 2009

Asterix, der Gallier - Einleitung

28 12 2009

Tintin in English

19 12 2009

Classical Comics in the School Library

18 12 2009

To get an idea of the comic book, click this  pdf flyer link.

Classical Comics is a revolutionary new series of graphic novels which re-tells classic literature for learners of English. Graded at intermediate to upper-intermediate levels, the fresh blend of contemporary storytelling and captivating artwork ensures that students will want to return to these stories time and again.


17 12 2009

 [foto de la noticia] [foto de la noticia]    

Se cumplen 80 de ‘Tintín en el país de los Soviets’. Jóvenes y menos jóvenes recuerdan al personaje. No todos han leído sus aventuras pero nadie ignora su existencia ni la de sus amigos: Milú, el capitán Haddock, el profesor Tornasol… Tintín protagonizó desde 1929 hasta 1976 un total de 24 álbumes que han sido llevados al cine y traducidos a 40 idiomas. (Vídeo: Eva Mª Bartolomé)

Les Aventures de TINTIN - Extraits vidéo

12 12 2009



Par la suite, cliquez sur “TINTIN TV”, choisissez l’album; “voir un extrait” au bas de la fenêtre de  l’écran… et attendez le téléchargement.

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