The Full Monty

12 05 2010

Título: The Full Monty

Autor: Wendy Holden

Editorial: Penguin Readers

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Intermedio

Reseña: ´The full Monty´ is a very popular and funny British film and this book is a great adaptation from it. The story mixes a formal language with some colloquial expressions which makes it easy to read it. 

It is about a group of men who don’t have work, so they need to do something to feel fulfilled. The main character is Gaz, who is divorced and needs money to be able to see his soon. He is quite crazy and always has crazy ideas, but he only wants to stay with his son. Gaz encourages the rest of the group to form a stripper’s group. They have several problems in their lives but finally they become close friends. 

It is worth reading because it is amusing and entertaining but at the same time it is a moving story.

Valoración: 4/5

Sheila Cidón Brincones  2ºNI

New Arrivals: The Gropes

13 01 2010

Título: The Gropes

Autor: Tom Sharpe

Obra adaptada: NO

The hilarious new novel from bestselling author Tom Sharpe.

A brilliantly funny novel about what happens when the women take charge. The Gropes are an old English family based in Northumberland, separated from the rest of society and as eccentric as they come. It is a line dominated by strong-willed and oversexed women, determined to produce more female heirs regardless of whether their desired partners are willing or not.

At the dawn of the new millennium, tired and gormless teenager Esmond is abducted and lured to Grope Hall by a descendant of the Gropes. Young Esmond is powerless to escape, and his kidnap sets in motion a stream of farcical events that will have readers laughing out loud.

Tom Sharpe’s trademark humour abounds in this new novel, marking him out once again as an outstanding storyteller.

New Arrivals: A Confederacy of Dunces

12 01 2010

Título: A Confederacy of Dunces

Autor: John Kennedy Toole

Obra adaptada: NO

‘When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him’ (Jonathan Swift)

This is Ignatius J. Reilly of New Orleans, noble crusader against vice, modernity and ignorance. In magnificent revolt against the twentieth century, Ignatius propels his monstrous bulk among the flesh-pots of a fallen city, until his maroon-haired mother decrees that he must  go to work…

A masterwork, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1981

About the Author

John Kennedy Toole was born in New Orleans in 1937. He received a master’s degree in English from Columbia University and taught at Hunter and the University of Southwestern Louisiana. In 1969, frustrated at his failure to interest a publisher in A Confederacy of Dunces, he committed suicide. Toole’s book was eventually published, after his mother brought the work to the attention of Walker Percy and insisted that he read her son’s manuscript. Percy became one of the novel’s many admirers and The Confederacy of Dunces would eventually be awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1981. Following that posthumous success, The Neon Bible, which Toole had written when he was sixteen, was first published in 1989.

New Arrivals: Thank You, Jeeves

1 12 2009

Título: Thank You, Jeeves

Autor: P.G. Wodehouse

Obra adaptada: NO

Thank You, Jeeves is the first novel to feature the incomparable valet Jeeves and his hapless charge Bertie Wooster – and you’ve hardly started to turn the pages when he resigns over Bertie’s dedicated but somewhat untuneful playing of the banjo. In high dudgeon, Bertie disappears to the country as a guest of his chum Chuffy – only to find his peace shattered by the arrival of his ex-fiancée Pauline Stoker, her formidable father and the eminent loony-doctor Sir Roderick Glossop. When Chuffy falls in love with Pauline and Bertie seems to be caught in flagrante, a situation boils up which only Jeeves (whether employed or not) can simmer down…

New Arrivals: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

24 03 2009

Título: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Autor: Jeff Kinney

Obra adaptada: NO


Being a kid can really stink. And no one knows this better than Greg Heffley, who finds himself thrust into high school where undersized weaklings share the hallways with kids who are taller, meaner, and already shaving.

Luckily Greg has his best friend and sidekick, Rowley. But when Rowley’s popularity starts to rise, it kicks off a chain of events that will test their friendship in hilarious fasion.

“[This] “novel in cartoons” should keep readers in stitches, eagerly anticipating Gregs further adventures.” Publishers Weekly

“Laugh-out-loud… lots of fun throughout.” Booklist

The Full Monty

22 03 2009

Título: The Full Monty

Autor: Wendy Holden

Editorial: Penguin Readers

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Intermedio


The Full Monty is the novelization of a very popular film which was released in 1997.  This story takes place in Sheffield, an industrial town in the north of England in the early 1980s. As many towns in Britain at that time, Sheffield was not the lively industrial place of some years ago. Since factories had closed and the unemployment was growing up quite fast there.The main character of the story is Gary Schofield, a divorced and unemployed man whose main motivation is Nathan, his twelve-year-old son. The book tells us the story of Gaz and five mates who form themselves into a group of male strippers as a way to earn some money, but it is going to be hard. Gaz needs the money mainly because his ex-wife intends to take court action against him for the child support payments which he hasn´t paid since he lost his job. And now the courts have told him that if he does not pay … he cannot see Nathan.

From my point of view, this is a recommendable book, the story is really funny and you can recognize what happens to the characters in real life. It’s a story about normal people who want to carry on with their life after difficult situations. On the other hand, it’s an easy book to follow,  the language was not too difficult. On balance, I just can recommend this book to everyone who wants to enjoy and learn how people can cope with and overcome difficulties.

Definitely, it’s worth-reading!

Valoración: 5/5

David Rodriguez Fuertes  2ºNI

Bridget Jones’s Diary

2 05 2008

bridget_biblio.jpgTítulo: Briget Jones’s Diary

Autor: Helen Fielding

Editorial: Picador

Obra adaptada: NO

Reseña: This is a light hearted, funny book and especially easy to read novel. The reader can easily identify with the emotions and actions showing there.
Bridget is single. She is thirty years old and she lives in England. The problem is the she spends her life on a perpetual diet and trying to improve herself. The diary starts with her New Year’s Resolutions and with the successes and failures of her everyday life. As you will see, each entry starts with the number of calories eaten for the day, alcohol units consumed, and cigarettes smoke. When they’re low, she applauds herself. When they’re high, she’ll excuse herself. She questions herself constantly.
The most important thing in the novel is that Bridget is a typical person, normal and with the same problems that we have each day.
In my honest opinion the book reflects our lives with the highs and lows in the same way as Bridget. It’s an interesting way to approach the problems of writing in first person.
The book can be your own diary, so take care!

Valoración: 4/5

Ana Bermudez Gavito

The Full Monty

8 04 2008

fullmonty.jpgTítulo: The Full Monty

Autor: Wendy Holden

Editorial: Penguin Readers

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio

Review: The book is about six men; most of them had been dismissed from a steel factory, so one of them, Gaz, had an idea to earn a living: he decided to form a strippers’ group. The reason why he was so desperate to earn some money was that he needed it to pay his wife the family maintenance so he could meet his son. Therefore, he had to earn some money no matter how.
The book is a very good way of looking into the unemployment problem nowadays, and to see the limits to which a man can go in order to take care of his son and his family.

Valoración: 3/5

Jesús de la Fuente Álvarez