“Los profesores recomiendan”: 1984 (by Emilio)

9 05 2010

1984.gifTítulo: 1984

Autor: George Orwell

Editorial: Penguin Readers

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio


The book nineteen-eighty four was written by George Orwell, pen name used by Eric Arthur Blair (1903-1950), and it was first published in 1949. Initially the book title was  “The Last Man in Europe”. Orwell participated in the Spanish Civil War and this fact made his literary career politically more intransigent.  Orwell is considered as one of the greatest writers of modern literature. With Orwell a new adjective that defines organizations or totalitarian societies was born: “Orwellian”. It is very difficult to define what kind of book this is. Some critics believe that it is a fiction book, but to me -I am not an expert on the subject- it is a political book. The narrator is not involved in the story, which is good from my point of view, because the reader will be able to draw his or her own opinion about the story. Three are the characters that deserve to be highlighted:

Winston Smith, a middle-aged man, is the main character of the story and we know 1984 world through his eyes. He hates the Party, but also he is a frightened and doubtful person. He seems defeated by the present, but when he meets Julia his pessimism starts to decline and he finds the only reason to live, the trust in the defeat of the Party and a free life with Julia but without the Party.

Julia, like Winston,  is against the Party, but has a different personality. Julia lives of the Party but not to the Party, she lives here and now; she definitely is more pragmatic than Winston. She uses sex to rebel against the Party. Julia’s relationship with Winston begins as a political act against the Party but in the end they fall in love and both of them swear not to betray each one.

O´Brien, has a high position in the Party and is a cool, clever and calculating person. From his role in the novel I think that he could be considered the symbol of the madness of dictatorship. Perhaps he represents the allegorical BIG BROTHER figure.

The story takes places in Oceania, one of the three countries in which the author divides the world, particularly in London in 1984, a year in the future. It is difficult to me to make a short summary of the plot, but I will try. Winston, who works for the Ministry of Truth is in charge of changing the past, he changes the news that is harmful to the Party. One day during an act called “ The Two Minutes Hate”, he sees a man (O´Brien), and he thinks he is a member of a secret society (The Brotherhood) against the Party. In the same act he eventually stumbles on Julia, a woman that he had previously thought to be a member of the Thought Police, and  they fall in love. They rent a room in the Proletariat section of the town (whose owner is an active member of  the Thought Police), to speak and engage in many anti-Party  acts, such as sex, love and other Thought Crimes (sex was prohibited by the Party). In the middle of the story, Winston stumbles on O´Brien and this man invites him and Julia to his house. O´Brien makes them believe that he is an important member of the Brotherhood and gives them a book supposedly written by Goldstein, who is the counterrevolutionary leader (everything is a trap). They are betrayed at once, by the owner of the apartment and by the man who was going to join the Brotherhood. Winston and Julia are sent to the Ministry of Love which is a sort of rehabilitation center for criminals accused of thought crime. There, Winston is separated from Julia and tortured until his beliefs coincide with the Party. Winston is taken to the dreaded Room 101, where each suspect faces his fears, his are the rats. Then he finally shouts “Do it to Julia!”  This is the proof of his recovery, the one his torturers want. 

In my opinion the book, masterfully written, alerts us about the danger of autocratic regimes and the methods that they use to limit the freedom and the thought of people in a sibylline form.  For example, if there are not words like love or crime, you cannot think of them because they do not really exist. The author at the end leaves some doubts: is there a BIG BROTHER?  Is the BROTHERHOOD an invention of the Party? Each community will respond to questions proposed by the author. The novel shows us, in a masterful  way, the painful life of people who live under totalitarian power. 

The book is highly recommended for people with political concerns. It is worth reading and moving, absolutely brilliant. I would also like to recommended another book by George Well “ Animal Farm”. On balance, please teenagers, read this book because your point of view about politics could change.

Valoración: 5/5

Emilio Jiménez Prieto 2ºNI

The Sugar Glider

8 05 2010

IDIOMA: Inglés  

TÍTULO: The Sugar Glider

AUTOR:  Rod Neilsen

EDITORIAL : Cambridge


NIVEL: Intermedio

RESEÑA: This book was written by Rod Nielsen and first published in 2003. An anonymous narrator tells an adventure story set in Australia where two pilots have to do a strange secret job for the government.

Don Radcliffe returns to Australia hoping to rescue a failed marriage and to spend more time with his daughter, Judy. But first, Paul Copeman, an old friend, offers him a strange routine job in an old DC4 airplane called “The Sugar Glider”. With this job, they will earn enough money to start their dreamed flying school. They have to fly the old DC4 to Melbourne Air Museum, making a stop on the way in a mine to pick some things up for the government. To spend more time with his daughter, Judy joins the trip. When they land near Warrangi Mine in the planned stop, some workers put several boxes and containers in the plane as they fill up the fuel tanks. After that, they continue their trip changing the flight plan crossing the mountains. An hour and a half later, the engines stop working and “The Sugar Glider” crashes into the mountains. The survival characters have to try to return to civilization searching for help, but perhaps, they might have problems with the government’s people… or not. You should read the book to know the end of the story.

In my opinion, the book is worth-reading, thrilling and not boring at all. I would like to recommend this book to everybody. It is easy to follow and entertaining. It’s perfect!


Benedicto Fernández  2ºNI

New Arrivals at the Library

5 05 2010

Nouvelle Lectures 2

5 05 2010

È una vita che ti aspetto

15 04 2010

Titolo: È una vita che ti aspetto

Autore: Fabio Volo

Editoriale: Mondadori

Livello: Avanzato

Recensione: Il libro parla di Francesco, un uomo di 30 anni che quando ne aveva più o meno 25 non era contento della sua vita. Quando ne aveva 25, un giorno, si è reso conto che la sua vita non aveva nessun senso e ha cominciato a preoccuparsi. Pensa di avere una malattia e va dal dottore. Il dottore gli dice che va tutto bene  e che il suo problema non è che abbia paura di morire ma paura di vivere. In questo momento comincia la sua ricerca per trovare un senso alla sua vita perchè decide che così non va. Alla fine trova il significato di vivere, il vero senso della vita.  

Il linguaggio di Fabio Volo è molto semplice e agile e ci scopre il mondo interiore di ognuno. Mi è piaciuto molto e credo che sia un libro facile da leggere e capire perchè parla di cose che succedono  a tutti.

Valutazione: 5/5

María de la Rubia Gómez-Morán  1ºNA

La strada che va in città

13 04 2010

Titolo: La strada che va in città

Autore: Natalia Ginzburg

Editoriale: Einaudi

Livello: Avanzato

Delia ha un sogno: abitare in città e vivere una vita benestante e con molti lussi. Lei pensa che il matrimonio, anche senza amore, sia la sua unica opzione per ottenerlo. 

Natalia Ginzburg racconta con un linguaggio semplice e diretto una storia atemporale che parla di sentimenti molto profondi, di passioni contraddittorie, della mancanza di coraggio per prendere le decisioni che permetterebbero di raggiungere il vero amore e del conformismo di vivere una vita comoda e facile ma senza emozioni autentiche. 

Questo è un libro che commuove perché parla di qualcosa di universale, di alcuni desideri che nel momento che diventano realtà non ci fanno così felici e scopriamo che, forse, pensando tanto a questo la vera felicità è passata accanto a noi senza che ce ne accorgessimo.

Valutazione: 5/5

Ana Alonso 1ºNA

Esco a fare due passi

12 04 2010

Titolo: Esco a fare due passi

Autore: Fabio Volo

Editoriale: Mondadori

Livello: Avanzato

Il protagonista, un giovane deejay di 28 anni è confuso sulla vita in generale. Il suo migliore amico, Nico, compie 33 anni. La lettera di “Buon Compleanno” a Nico  ci mostra il rapporto del protagonista  con la sua immaturità. Fabio Volo, racconta con un linguaggio giovanile temi importanti della vita di un ragazzino nel corpo di un uomo. 

Consiglio questo libro perchè come tutti i libri di Fabio Volo è molto semplice da capire e anche perchè si possono imparare un sacco di parole del vocabolario fra amici di questa età.

Valutazione: 5/5

Rosa Pérez  1ºNA

Rabbit-Proof Fence

10 04 2010

WINNER ofThe Language Learner Literature Award 2007

TITLE: Rabbit-Proof Fence

AUTHOR: Doris Pilkington Garimara

RETOLD by: Jennifer Bassett


LEVEL: Intermediate

REVIEW: It is called Rabbit-Proof Fence and it is written by Doris Pilkington Garimara. It is a true story and the narrator is not present in the story, but she is the daughter of one of the main characters. The story takes place in Western Australia for about three months. The book is about the long journey of three girls who were far away from their desert home. Molly is a brave girl who, with her cousins Gracie and Daisy, escapes and walks back to Jingalong, their home, after being taken away from their families. They were sent to Moore River Native Settlement because they were mixed-race Aborigines and they had to go to the camp to learn how to live like the white man. They finally arrive at Jingalong following the rabbit-proof fence. The main characters are Molly, Gracie and Daisy. Molly is a fourteen-year-old girl who takes care of Gracie and Daisy during the entire trip. Gracie and Daisy are Molly’s cousins and they are younger than her. 

From my point of view, the book is rather entertaining and absolutely worth-reading. The most exciting part of the book is the last one, when they arrive home. I found this last chapter quite interesting; it’s very touching. It was really easy to understand and follow because the vocabulary is not too difficult.  

On balance, the book is highly recommendable to those who enjoy touching stories with a bit of adventure. Furthermore, you can see the film  based on the book if you liked it.

RATING: 5/5 

Ana Borrás Cernuda  2ºNI

New Arrivals: Italian Shoes

9 04 2010

Título: Italian Shoes

Autor: Henning Mankell

Obra adaptada: NO

Once a successful surgeon, Frederick Welin now lives in self-imposed exile on an island in the Swedish archipelago. Nearly forty years have passed since he was disgraced for attempting to cover up a tragic mishap on the operating table. One morning in the depths of winter, he sees a hunched figure struggling towards him across the ice. His past is about to catch up with him. The figure approaching in the freezing cold is Harriet, the only woman he has ever loved, the woman he abandoned in order to go and study in America. She has sought him out in the hope that he will honor a promise made many years ago. Now in the late stages of a terminal illness, she wants to visit a small lake in Northern Sweden, a place Welin’s father took him once as a boy. He upholds his pledge and drives her to this beautiful pool hidden deep in the forest.On the journey through the desolate snow-covered landscape, Welin reflects on his impoverished childhood and the woman he later left behind. However, once there Welin discovers that Harriet has left the biggest surprise until last.


Treasure Island

8 04 2010

IDIOMA: Inglés  

TÍTULO: Treasure Island 

AUTOR: Robert Louis Stevenson 

EDITORIAL : Vicens Vives 


NIVEL: Básico

RESEÑA: The story is about Jim Hawkins, who is the main character, and his friends on board the Hispaniola for an exciting voyage to Treasure Island. 

I invite people to read “The Pirates” where you can find out all about the fascinating world of buccaneers. I loved it and I recommend it because it is an adventure easy to read that I enjoyed a lot. 


Mª Benedicta Vegas Platón  2ºNB

The Prisioner of Zenda

7 04 2010

Título: The Prisioner of Zenda

Autor: Anthony Hope

Editorial: Pearson

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio


Review:  Today’s book is “The Prisoner of Zenda”, an adventure novel by Anthony Hope, first published back in 1894.

The main character is Rudolf Rassendyll, an English gentleman, who travels to Ruritania to see the King’s coronation. During the journey to Ruritania he meets Rudolf the Fifth, who is going to be crowned King the next day. That night Rudolf ’s brother, Duke Michael, drugs him so that he can’t assist to his coronation. Colonel Sapt, an old soldier in the service of the new King, urges Rudolf Rasendyll to act like Rudolf the Fifth, given the physical resemblance that exists between them, to save the kingdom from his evil brother Duke Michael.

The most amusing part of the book is when the trick is done and Rudolf Rassendyll must act as if he was Rudolf the Fifth.

The book is quite enjoyable and moving but a little bit predictable. I would recommend it to anyone because it is short and easy to read, with only just a few difficult words.

Valoración: 3.5/5

Pablo Aller San Juan  2ºNI