25 02 2010

Título: Restless

Autor: William Boyd

Obra adaptada: NO

Nivel: Avanzado

Review: Restless, is a well-developed thriller which is set in two dissimilar periods, during World War II and in the 1970s. The gripping plot starts in Oxford in 1976 where a young single mother, Ruth Gilmartin, is working as an English foreign language teacher. She has a traditional and a bit dull life until she is given some documents by her mother, Sally Gilmartin, in which she tells Ruth about her real past.

Sally is in fact the Russian emigrant Eva Delectorskaya, who was offered the chance of a British passport if she worked as a spy for the British government in order to convince the United States to join the World War II. This way while Ruth is reading the papers, the reader discovers how Eva was training to become a perfect spy, the details of her work and why she had to run away to England and live under an assumed identity.  But why is Eva revealing all this information to Ruth? This is the key that makes you keep reading until the end.

Although the end is not too fascinating, the character of Eva is quite believable and her life’s story is highly entertaining. When I finished the book I realised that Ruth is only the way that the writer, William Boyd, has to catch our attention and keep the tension up, but the fact is that it works. Despite the fact that I’m not a real bookworm the book is very readable and I couldn’t put it down. Therefore I recommend you to read it.

Valoración: 4/5

Beatriz Fernández López  2ºNA

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

24 02 2010

Título: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Autor: Stieg Larsson

Obra adaptada: NO

Nivel: Avanzado

Review: This book is well written, with a well-developed plot. It is the first novel in a completed series of three (The Millennium Trilogy) by the Swedish author Stieg Larsson. It is a classic mystery in many ways. It is also a bit violent. It’s rather long but very easy to read. Starting slowly, it soon becomes a compelling read with well-developed characters, a great sense of place, and all of the plot twists and turns that make mysteries fun to read. The story keeps the reader absorbed from beginning to end. 

The plot focuses on a journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, who investigates a missing person from years before and his researcher, Lisbeth Salander, the person from the book title who helps discover the truth. She is violent and antisocial but also an extremely intelligent hacker and researcher, specialized in investigations of persons.  

Don’t miss it. I would definitely recommend this book and I will buy the others of the series.

Valoración: 5/5

Isabel Rivera Galicia  2ºNA

A Matter of Chance

8 02 2010

Título: A Matter of Chance

Autor: David A. Hill

Editorial: Cambridge

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio



Review: The book I read is called “A Matter of Chance” by David A. Hill. It is a thriller and Paul Morris, the main character, tells the story.

The story takes place in Italy, where Paul and his wife Jacky live happily in love, but Paul’s happy life changes when Jacky dies in an unlucky accident. After that, Paul does not want to come back to England where his family lives. He wants to live by himself in Italy. Few months later, Paul and his workmate Sandra, fall in love and start a beautiful relationship, but not everything is perfect…

From my point of view, this book is worth-reading and absorbing. I like this kind of stories because you do not know what will happen in the end, it is not boring at all!

Valoración: 4/5

Marta Martínez Valdés  2ºNI

New Arrivals: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

29 01 2010

Título: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Autor: Stieg Larsson

Obra adaptada: NO

This is the third book in the Millennium-trilogy, all them available at our School Library.

Salander is plotting her revenge - against the man who tried to kill her, and against the government institutions that very nearly destroyed her life. But it is not going to be a straightforward campaign. After taking a bullet to the head, Salander is under close supervision in Intensive Care, and is set to face trial for three murders and one attempted murder on her eventual release. With the help of journalist Mikael Blomkvist and his researchers at Millennium magazine, Salander must not only prove her innocence, but identify and denounce the corrupt politicians that have allowed the vulnerable to become victims of abuse and violence. Once a victim herself, Salander is now ready to fight back.


New Arrivals: The Lost Symbol

26 01 2010

Título: The Lost Symbol

Autor: Dan Brown

Obra adaptada: NO

Released on September 15, 2009, it is the third Brown novel to involve the character of Harvard University symbologist Robert Langdon, following 2000’s Angels & Demons and 2003’s The Da Vinci Code. It had a first printing of 6.5 million (5 million in North America, 1.5 million in the UK), the largest in Doubleday history. On its first day the book sold one million in hardcover and e-book versions in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada, making it the fastest selling adult novel in history. It was number one on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover fiction for the first six weeks of its release, and has remained near the top since then.

Murder on the Orient Express

25 01 2010

muederorientexpress.jpgTítulo: Murder on the Orient Express

Autor: Agatha Christie

Editorial: Berkley

Obra adaptada: No

Nivel: Avanzado


Murder on the Orient Express was written by Agatha Christie, a famous British writer, who is the most widely published autor of all time. This popular novel was first published in 1934 and it is a detective story about a murder on the Orient Express. In 1974 it was made into a film starring Albert Finney and Ingrid Bergman, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, and was directed by Sidney Lumet. 

The story takes place at the legendary train called “Orient Express”, where a man called Casseti, a former killer, is murdered. One of the passengers, the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, starts investigating and he discovers that many of the passengers have some connection with the family of Daisy Armstrong, the girl kidnapped and murdered five years before by Casseti. All these suspected passengers want to avenge a crime that the law was unable to punish. In the end, the director of the railway company says that they should tell the police that the crime was commited by a stranger who escaped unnoticed. 

The main character is Hercule Poirot, a psychological detective who proceeds not by examination of the crime scene, but by enquiring either into the nature of the victim or the murder.  

In my opinion, this novel is entertaining and quite absorbing, the plot keeps your attention until the end. In fact, when I started to read it I couldn’t put it down. In spite of the fact that I had sometimes difficulties with the language because of the vocabulary unknown to me, I enjoyed reading it a lot. I think, this detective story is worth reading and I would recommend it as an entertaining book for those who enjoy mystery and thrillers.

Valoración: 4/5

Eugenio Corpas  2ºNI

The Hound of the Baskervilles

24 01 2010

Título: The Hound of the Baskervilles

Autor: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Editorial: Oxford

Obra adaptada: SI

Nivel: Intermedio

Reseña: The story takes places in Dartmoor, a wild and wet place in the south-west of England. In the beginning Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all time, is interested in the legend which tells about a hound which murdered all the members of the Baskerville family. When the last member dies, a new member of the family comes to the Mansion and then, the hound appears again. Holmes, Sherlock’s inseparable partner, investigates the event and meets the neighbours. Finally and with the aid of Sherlock, he manages to solve the mystery. 

I think this is a good mystery book and a classic literature work that everybody should read. The language is not difficult and it is quite enjoyable and entertaining. I would recommend it as a gripping book for those who enjoy detective stories.

Valoración: 4/5

Sheila Cidón Brincones  2ºNI

The Da Vinci Code

22 01 2010

Título: The Da Vinci Code

Autor: Dan Brown

Obra adaptada: No

Nivel: Avanzado


Review: It was written by American author Dan Brown and published in 2003. It is a bestseller that sold more than 80 million copies and has been translated into 44 languages. The narrator is not present in the story and it combines the detective, thriller, and conspiracy fiction genres. 

The book tells us about a professor of Religious Symbology, Robert Langdon, who is looking for “the Holy Grail”. Typical plot with good guys and really bad guys, the police who always arrives one minute later and, of course, the girl. 

The story starts in the Louvre Museum of Paris where Langdon is the prime suspect in the murder of the curator of Louvre. With the help of the curator’s granddaughter, Sophie Neveu, he escapes from the police and they solve a set of puzzles to find a keystone. This key is a device supposedly invented by Leonardo Da Vinci for transporting secure messages. Langdon and Neveu take the keystone to Langdon’s friend Sir Teabing, who is an expert on “the Holy Grail”. With him, they can fly to London and try to solve another long series of brain-teasers, anagrams and puzzles. The ultimate solution is found to be intimately connected with the possible location of the Holy Grail and to a mysterious society called the Priory of Sion, as well as to the Knights Templar. 

I think the book is entertaining although it has too many puzzles in my opinion. Moreover, there are characters who are not so credible, ridiculous situations, the story is quite predictable and the general plot is just nonsense. 

On the other hand I found the language rather easy to understand and follow despite the fact that it is not a simplified version, so I would simply recommend it as an English reading exercise. As a curiosity I saw the film after reading the book and… it was even worse !!!  

Valoración: 2/5

Anonymous  NI

The Woman in White

21 01 2010

Título: The Woman in White

Autor: Wilkie Collins

Editorial: Longman

Obra adaptada: sí

Nivel: intermedio


Review: It was written by Wilkie Collins in 1859. It is considered to be among the first mystery novels and is one of the first in the genre of “sensation novels”

One night on a road to London a young drawing teacher, Walter Hartright, meets a mysterious woman dressed all in white. But, who is she and what is her connection with his pupil Laura Fairlie, the woman he loves? We can find terrible secrets, abductions, cruel aristocrats, etc…

In my opinion the book is interesting and it is not difficult to understand. But for me, it is not a real mystery book. If you want to know why, you´ll have to read it.

Valoración: 4/5

 Susana Pérez Alvarez 2ºNI

Curse this House

21 01 2010

Título: Curse this House

Autor: Barbara Wood

Obra adaptada: No

Nivel: avanzado


Review: When her mother died, Leyla returns to her home in Pemberton. She left home when she was five years old, after her father and her mother died and has no memory of the incident. She remembers little things of the time she spent in the house and she wants to discover the mystery of her family and the house, the mansion of Pemberton Hurst.

In my opinion the book is interesting and it is not the typical romantic novel, but it is difficult to understand. The author has a roundabout way of telling things, but little by little it is possible to understand it. You can find a romantic novel with a little bit of mystery.

Valoración: 3/5

 Susana Pérez Alvarez 2ºNI

The Amsterdam Connection

18 01 2010

Título: The Amsterdam Connection

Autor: Sue Leather

Editorial: Cambridge

Obra adaptada: Sí

Nivel: Intermediate



Review: The story takes place in Amsterdam. It tells about the story of the reporter Kate Jensen, who travels to Amsterdan when a friend is found dead there because she thinks that the death or her friend is quite strange. Kate soon discovers that football can be a very dangerous game.
From my point of view, the book is entertaining, thrilling and absorbing. It is easy to understand and the language was not too difficult. It is highly recommendable for people who like mystery and detective stories.

Valoración: 4/5

Mª José González Rodríguez 2ºNI