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foto_ingles.jpgTitle: ‘The secret diary of Adrian Mole’

Author: Sue Towsend

Published by Burlington Books

Language: English

Level: Pre-intermediate and intermediate

Sometimes “compulsory reading” may be not so bad!!! Read what some of your shoolmates in 1st Bachiller think of the book they have read this term for the English class.If you want to know something else about Adrian Mole, you will find his diary at the school library!

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3 12 2008
Pelayo González (10:37:46) :

‘It seems to me it’s an easy book and I could understand everything. I’d like to read a similar book again because I like funny books like this one. In my opinion, this is the best book I’ve read in English’.

3 12 2008
Aitor Riesgo (10:52:48) :

‘In my opinion, it is a good book: different, interesting and not difficult. I don’t like reading but I liked this book’.

3 12 2008
Juan López (10:53:14) :

‘For me it was very funny because the people in the book are crazy. They did lots of strange things’.

3 12 2008
Eva Amador (10:56:12) :

‘In my opinion this book is interesting because it is about problems most teenagers have’.

3 12 2008
Cristina González (10:56:59) :

‘I think it is a nice book and in some situations it is really funny and different from the rest of the books I’ve read but, in my opinion, it was very easy so I read it very quickly’.

3 12 2008
José María Fernández (10:57:38) :

‘It is the first book in English that I have liked’.

3 12 2008
Rubén Viña (10:58:52) :

‘In my opinion, the book isn’t bad but it isn’t good either. For me it is quite difficult. I couldn’t understand many words because my English is not very good’.

3 12 2008
Covadonga Pérez (10:59:28) :

‘It seems to me that the book is quite good because it tries to explain a teenager’s worries and his vision of life’.

3 12 2008
Nuria Seivane (11:00:07) :

‘ It seems to me that the book is funny but the most important is that it isn’t difficult to read’.

3 12 2008
Álvaro Pérez (11:00:38) :

‘If you ask me, the book was really good. I mean the way Adrian tells his life is funny, he’s not a normal teenager. However, the book gets boring when Adrian’s day is boring too, but that’s only a few lines’.

3 12 2008
Raquel López (11:01:09) :

‘In my opinion, the book is funny because Adrian is weird and his family is completely mad’.

3 12 2008
Diego Otamendi (11:01:41) :

‘I liked the book because it is about a teenager’s life and it has really funny moments. Personally I liked it but it is too short. I think it should be longer”.

3 12 2008
Alba Álvarez (11:02:14) :

‘In my opinion, the book is boring because it has no action nor mystery. However, it is easy to read because it has short paragraphs’.

3 12 2008
Marta Pérez (11:02:42) :

‘For me, the best part of the book was the love story between Adrian and Pandora’.

3 12 2008
Lucía Cano (11:03:12) :

‘In my opinion The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole is OK because it isn’t easy but it isn’t difficult either’.

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