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Student´s story


Last month, when Sophia was walking down the street, she met one of the most famous heroes of Capital City. Not many would bother saving a young girl of being mugged, so she did not expect Dark Static appearing out of the blue.

She had been searching for information about that young man that was supposed to be one of the main protectors of Capital City. She only knew he was a male. She hoped it had been a woman. Sophia had only left the bar where she was working for the summer, when a man started walking behind her. She was scared, and her heart was beating really really hard.  Sophia knew their local heroes worked 24/7, but she was still worried they wouldn´t show up. She was becoming too dependent on them, so she took it upon herself, to save her own soul. Sophia had taken some karate lessons, so she could take the man down easily. She had that advantage of knowledge so she used to plan on using it against him. She mentally prepared for her fight fist to fist and she attacked. Sophia kicked the man where the sun didn´t shine and knocked him off with a single fist. She was going to run for her life, when a crash interrupted her thoughts and she stopped to see. “I was going to save you, you know?” she couldn´t believe it was DS. “I appreciate your concern, but I can watch my own back.” And she felt her heart skip a beat.

Sophia experienced her worst nightmare, but she would not forget talking to the young man behind the black mask that called himself Dark Static, or as she called him: DS.

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