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School trip to Salisbury - Bath (8th to 15th October 2017)


The  students in 3º  ESO and 4º  ESO at Bernaldo Quirós started a trip to Salisbury on October 8th.  The plane was due to depart at 10: 30 but because of technical problems, the plane was delayed and eventually took off at 14:30. The flight lasted an hour and a half. We landed at Standsted airport and a coach was waiting for us. The trip to our destination lasted three hours with a thirty minutes break to rest in the motorway. Once in Salisbury the families took us home.

The first day at school , the teacher explained our timetable throughout the week. After that we walked round the city,  we were shown our route from the bus stop to the school and to our houses. We used to have lessons in the afternoon and visits in the morning.  We were also given free time to explore and learn about the city.  Our timetable used to start at nine in the morning and it would finish at 16:30 in the afternoon.

During this week, we visited Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge - a megalitic monument built with huge stones - Salisbury Museum and Bath. While in Bath, we went to the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Jane Austen Centre, Royal Crescent, the Circus, The Pulteney Bridge and of course we were given spare time to do our shopping.

We enjoyed all the activities the school in Salisbury had planned for us, one of them was to interview people in the market square and at Salisbury College.  We were also given the chance to go to Bishop´s School- a grammar school for boys. We spent the morning there; we attended some lessons (Spanish, History ..)  and shared our time with the students in that school.

Our last day was really busy, we travelled to Bath in the morning and after returning from the town, we all went home to rest.  We packed our luggage and at 12 midnight we were driven to the airport. We spent the whole night at the airport as we had to catch the plane at seven in the morning. It was a long and tiring night for all of us. The airport was amazingly busy at that time of the night.

For us it was a good experience that we would repeat without any doubt.

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