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Thanksgiving 23rd November 2017

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The Thanksgiving Tree

This tree celebrates thankfulness.  The trunk is formed from the phrase “We are thankful for…” and each transparent leaf provides an answer to that very question.  Students of all grade levels at Bernaldo de Quirós Institute have hand-written messages to express the things for which and the people for whom they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States. It is celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday in November. On this day, families gather together, and many people say prayers of thanks for the year’s blessings. In many homes, a big dinner of roast turkey is served. Thanksgiving is traditionally a harvest festival. Similar festivals are celebrated in many parts of the world to give thanks after the years crops have been safely harvested.

Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1620, before the United States existed as its own country.  A group of British pilgrims had fled to the Americas in search of religious freedom.  But living in the New World was difficult, and they struggled to survive.  The first winter, half of the Pilgrim population died because they did not have enough food.  Thankfully, the Pilgrims met Squanto, a Native American from the Wampanoag tribe who knew how to speak English.  Squanto taught them how to grow corn, how to hunt deer, and how to catch eel.  Because of the Wampanoag tribe’s help, the Pilgrims were able to harvest and hunt enough food for the coming winter.  To celebrate and give thanks, the Pilgrims and Native Americans had a festival that lasted for three days.  They named this festival “Thanksgiving.”

What are you thankful for?

by Nicole Willson

 Thank you to Nicole for her ideas and kind help.

Thank you to Gloria Caamaño ( Teacher of Design) for helping us to design the tree.

Thank you to the teachers who participated in the building of the tree.

Thank to the students for their thoughtful comments.

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