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Publicado en General — 7 Octubre 2018 @ 13:13

 On 9th March, 2018 we went to the theatre of the Cultural Centre  “Teodoro Cuesta”, to see the play The Reader of Books, inspired in the Roald Dahl’s book “Matilda”.

We walked from Bernaldo de Quirós to the theatre. The play finished at 11:30, but it started a bit late, and we finished later too.

The weather was very bad because it rained a lot and we had to take our umbrellas. On the way we ate sweets. They were delicious!

Ángela Álvarez, Juan Gabino Álvarez, Paula Argüelles y Nela Alonso 1º eso A


This play is about a girl named Minnie who likes to read a lot, but her parents are ignorant. The only thing they show interest in are the phones and they want their daughter to use it too, they want her to stop reading.

One day her parents punish her and she decides to run away from home. After taking a walk, she is dislocated and begins to see many books. Then she sees a librarian who explains where she is.

After talking to her, she decides to join the school without her parents knowing. Minnie discovers that the Principal is stealing money from the school and tells her friend.

At the end they leave school and Minnie´s parents recognize how important reading is.

By Omar, Paula F, Soraya, Natalia, Lydia and María. 1º ESO A

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