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Week Camp 10th to 13th of April

Publicado en General — 7 Octubre 2018 @ 12:20

wcz-071-04-10-2018-019.jpgwcz-071-04-11-2018-087.jpgdsc00494.JPGWe started very early in the morning, we left at 7:00 from Mieres. It took us 5 hours to get to Playa Razo Camp. When we got there, we were surprised with the views, facing the sea. The weather was not too bad, a bit cold some day.

When we arrived the camp leaders welcomed us and took us to our rooms. After that we started with the activities. After having lunch we played. Before dinner we had a shower. When dinner finished we joined the leaders to follow them with some more activities. We were really happy to be there so we all enjoyed our first night. We were told not to be noisy in our rooms, so we followed their advice and just talked for a little while. After the first day everything was easier.

The rest of the days were all the same. We had a great time, met new students from France who were surfing in the beach. We wanted to surf too! We tried our best at English, the leaders talked to us in English. On the last day we were sad to leave.  We got back to Mieres late at night, around 9.30.

Lucía Hinojal

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