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Last Saturday, 22nd September, we went to Broadstairs, England in order to spend a week living with a host family.

During our time there, we had English classes and we also had the opportunity to visit different places such as Margate, Ramsgate and Canterbury.

One day, our teachers took us to London. It was very exciting because I’ve never been there before. We visited the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. We also enjoyed free time to go shopping.

Paula Bermudez

Last week I went to England with my classmates. We stayed in Broadstairs, a coastal town.

We visited Canterbury, Margate and London .In Canterbury, we visited the city and bought some souvenirs but we didn´t visit the chatedral. In Margate, we visited the art gallery and then we had free time to go shopping but there was nothing to buy.

In London we visited the Big Ben, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and  Oxford Street. When I was in Oxford Street I got lost with a friend and we couldn´t buy anything.

But the experience was incredible!!.

Manuel Díaz

We arrived there really late on 22nd September. We got lost in the airport and then we had to catch a bus to get to Broadstairs English Center. My family was really nice. I enjoyed all the meals we had together. We also met some Italian girls in our host house. They were a year older than us but we became very good friends. What I enjoyed the most was going to London and spending 2 hours shopping in Oxford Street. What I enjoyed the less was going to English lessons in the evening and the sandwiches they gave to us at lunch. We had really good weather, so I’m quite thankful for that. I wish we could return!

María Gutiérrez

We arrived in London on 22nd September. We had a nice trip in which we visited places like: Canterbury, Ramsgate, Margate and London.

We were staying in a town called Broadstairs. It was a nice place, a bit dull, but we enjoyed it. I shared a house with Sara and Alba and our host family was called Isobel and her cat Lulu. We went to Broadstairs English Centre because we had classes there and the teachers were very nice and funny.

The day that I enjoyed the most was the one we went to London. The best part of that day was our walk through Oxford Street. My friends and I bought some clothes and we had fun.

Finally, on 29th September, we had to return to Spain and in the airport I lost my passport but luckily they allowed me to take the plane back to Spain.

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