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Visit to Turon valley- Visita al valle de Turón

Publicado en 2nd Year ESO — 21 Diciembre 2018 @ 13:11


Last Thursday we went on a trip to Turón. We were accompanied  by Fernanda, who was explaining it to us. We started at Santabarbara’s well, where she asked us if any member of our family work or worked in a mine and we all said yes. Then she showed us a small part of a mine and we entered, it was very fun. Then we continued walking to the Espino’s well where we had a healthy meal and where there were to very cute cats. At the end we entered to Fortuna’s well, I loved this trip!

Natalia Escobar González- 2º ESO A


Last Tuesday we went to visit the valley of Turón. In the valley the Turón we saw structures of mines of coal. Juan Gabino’s mother explained us different stories about the mines. The mine that I liked most, was the mine which had fallen and retired miners rebuilt it all.

Martín González Fernández- 2º ESO C  

On Thursday 22 November the students of 2nd ESO-A went to visit the Valley of Turón. At 10:15 we took a bus that took us to the Pozu Santa Bárbara. Once there, Fernanda (our guide) accompanied us along a route where we went seeing some mines and a mountain mine to finish the visit in the Pozu Fortuna.

 During the journey Fernanda was telling the story of all the places that we were visiting. We saw a Châtelet in which we stop to snack, and there they took us to see a plumbing, that was the place where were the lamps that used the miners were done. We also saw a cage, which was where the miners went down to the mine. From there we proceeded to the Pozu Fortuna, which unfortunately became a mass grave during the Civil war. The last thing we visited was a powder keg, which is the place where the gunpowder used by the miners was kept to dynamite the mine and open spaces and to continue to extract coal.

There, the bus that took us back to school, was waiting for us.

Pablo Rodríguez Piri- 2º ESO A


El pasado jueves 22 de noviembre, la clase de 2º ESO A nos fuimos a conocer un poco más la historia minera del valle de Turón. Cuando llegamos, caminamos un poco hasta llegar a la mina ¡y nos metimos en ella! Un rato después seguimos caminando hasta parar en una pequeña torre minera, allí comimos nuestro pincho, luego seguimos caminando hasta llegar a un pozo donde habían fallecido muchas personas y seguían enterradas allí, llamado fosa común. Por último nos introdujimos dentro de la tierra en un sitio que constaba de 12 cámaras donde se depositaban kilos y kilos de explosivos. Fue lo que más me gustó. Me lo pasé muy bien y me pareció muy interesante.

Soraya Gallardo Cerra- 2º ESO A


Monday 19th of October, we went on a trip to the Valley of Turon. There, we saw a lot of things like mines or derricks.

First, we took a bus in the High School and we were inside for 20 minutes.

Next, Maria Fernanda Fernandez told us about a derrick and a mine that were where the bus left us. It was the Mine Santa Bárbara. It started to extract carbon in 1913.

Then, we walked a few and we saw the sinkhole of La Rebaldana. It was closed, but some people worked hardly and they could open it a few years ago.

After that we went to the mine of Espinos. It’s a special powder keg because it doesn’t have a machine house apart of the extraction tower.

Finally we went to the mine of Fortuna. In the times of the civil war it started to be a common pit for republicans. Next to the pit there is powder keg where we entered.

Juan Gabino Álvarez Fernández- 2º ESO B

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