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Bray (Ireland) - School Visit - 15- 22 September 2019

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 Trip to Dublin 

I think my trip to Dublin was funny, because (even if we had classes), we had time to discover new places in Dublin and Bray. We saw interesting museums, like Dublinia and the National History Museum. We also had free time, and we walked through the city. We went shopping and we ate their food (their junk food). We spent time with the families, who were very nice, and  with a Mexican boy called Pablo who was in our house, too. At end, I think the trip was a very good experience.

The trip to Ireland

I really enjoyed the trip to Ireland, It was a great experience. The activities were very good and everything we visited was very interesting. The family we were staying with was very nice. This trip helped me to improve my English a lot and learn new things about Ireland and its culture and history. I had a great time and I would definetly repeat.

My Trip to Ireland 

A month ago, my bilingual classmates and I travelled to Bray, a little city in Ireland. We stayed for seven days with families and we went to a great school where we improved our English.

First, to go to the airport, we went by bus and once there, we ate and boarded the plane to reach Bray. After taking our bags, we met the families. They took us to their house where we had dinner and informed our parents of our arrival.  Our host family were a wonderful old married couple who told us amazing things about Irish culture, sports and hobbies.

At the high school we learned a lot of vocabulary which helped our speaking ability. The first days, we visited the National Museum of Ireland and lots of museums about the history of Dublin.  We had to answer a few questions  in groups about the museum  and before leaving the place, we had free time to go shopping. The last evening in Dublin, we went to the Guinness Storehouse to see the beer making. We flew back to Spain looking forward to meeting our families and friends. Finally, we went back to Mieres by bus from the airport.

In my opinion, it was an amazing cultural trip full of great moments, interesting cultural facts and the best of all , we did our best to improve our English. I met a lot of native and Spanish students who I can chat with.

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Bray 2019

We travelled to Bray from the 15th to the 22nd September 2019.This trip has been amazing, it couldn’t go better! Our family was kind, we had good weather everyday and we had a lot of fun. The classes were interesting and we learnt many vocabulary. Thank you to all the people who made us feel comfortable. We didn’t want to come back to Spain!

My expierence in Ireland

In Ireland I have too much fun and I learnt a lot of new vocabulary in English. The families threated us well and they were also very kind. They helped us to go to the university by bus and they showed us the shops and the important places in Bray.

At the university the lessons were very funny and interesting. The teachers taught us a lot of new vocabulary in English and helped us with our pronunciation.

Some afternoons we went to Dublin that is a beautiful city where we went shopping and visiting a lot of places.

So, finally my experience on Ireland was good and I recommend it because it’s a funny way to visit another country with your friends and to practice English.

My expierence in Bray 

This trip has been a unique experience. I learned a new culture, new words, very funny songs, I made new friends… We learned how to be a week without our parents, how the families live there, how schools are, and much more. It was the first time I that I traveled without my parents, and it was the best trip I have ever done. And the teachers we have been with, they were great.

I want to travel again with the high school and visit new cities with them.

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My experience in Bray 

My experience in Bray was very good. We stayed there one week with a family. In my case I was in the same house as two other friends and our family was very kind with us and they gave as everything we needed. So in general I was very comfortable with my family.

All the days in the morning we went to a school for 3 hours to learn English. We visited a lot of things like museums and obviously we visited Dublin. Some days our teachers gave us some free time and it was one of my favorite parts because we could go to the shops to buy souvenirs and more things.

In conclusion my experience in Bray was great and I will definitely repeat.


The trip to Ireland was very nice, I enjoyed it a lot. The classes were a little bit boring, but the activities were a real fun.  The host-mother was very kind, and she was talking  to us all the time. The house was very far from the BLC, as a result we had to take the bus. The bedroom of the house was small, but anyway I would like to go back to the same house.  I´m still in contact with the host-mother. I think I´ve learned a lot of English in the trip, understand them. To conclude the trip was very nice.

My experience in Bray

My experience in Bray has been very good, both  the family I stayed with and the diverse activities we did were good.The only thing that I din’t like were the sandwiches I had for lunch, because they were very strange.Despite this, the dinner that the lady prepared for us was very tasty.

My favourite day was when the teachers let us go shopping in Dublin. In the afternoon we met in a specific point and we all had dinner at Hard Rock Café, a famous restaurant/shop.

Even though we were very tired because we slept so little, it has been a very positive experience for our formation.

I would return there.



I loved my trip to Bray, it was the first time I went abroad with friends and it was lots of fun. We had  very good teachers  ( Pat and Colleen). I loved the trips we did from Bray to Dublin and the museums and shops we visited.


My experience in Bray was fantastic. I like the way it was organised because we had time to be with the family and at the same time, we visited a lot of places.

I think that visiting the museums was a good idea, but I would prefer to visit the city and walk down the streets. I also liked going to the highschool and spending time there with the native students and see how different schools are. I think that they could have done more interesting classes because somedays they very very boring.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was when we went shopping because we could see the city and buy gifts. The best moments were walking at night in the city. They were crowded!

I also loved going to our school without teachers in the mornings.


On the fifteenth of September we were travelling to Bray (Dublin) to spend a week. It was a fantastic travelling in which we had a lot of fun but we also learned lot of important things of Ireland. During the week, on the mornings we went to the university and on the afternoon we visit lots of different museums, we went to different shops, we walked around Dublin and we also took the train and the bus to move around the city. We arrived the twenty-second of September.

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