Bob Dylan

The Nobel Prize of Literature 2016 was given to Bob Dylan. Everybody is talking about it nowadays and it is becoming too repetitive, but I don’t want to talk about this prize.


I would like to tell you about one of his albums, maybe one of the most famous called “The freewheelin’”. My father has this album, and when he bought it, he wrote the date on it. It was the 17th of February of 1979. It’s still at home.

The album cover has turned yellow and when you listen to it you hear that beautiful creak that CDs will never equalize. When I was a little girl, he would listen to it all the time.  He used to play it so loud that the music could be heard in the whole house, funnily enough now I do that, too.


The lead single of the album is “Blowin’ in the wind “that has been sung by Joan Baez and Neil Young, my father´s two other heroes. It talks about peace, war and freedom.  Unfortunately we often turn our backs on what´s happening around us. This attitude could be explained in the verse “How many times can a man turn his head pretending he just doesn’t see?”.



There is also a song in this album titled “Masters of war”. I’ll copy here some fragments which will express what I cannot do in an easy way.


Come you masters of war

You that build all the guns

You that build the death planes

You that build all the bombs

You that hide behind walls

You that hide behind desks

I just want you to know

I can see through your masks


And I hope that you die

And your death’ll come soon


And I’ll stand over your grave

Till I’m sure that you’re death


Another song is A hard rain’s a-gonna fall. I love its music and its lyrics. It’s my favourite, but unfortunately I can´t explain it as I don´t understand a single word of it. I’ve listened to it for a hundred of times, and I just feel it’s… I don’t know… one of the best songs ever written.


The last song I’m going to talk about (if I can decode something) is Talkin’ World War III blues. In this song, someone goes to the doctor because he had a dream about the World War III. The doctor tells him he’s crazy, maybe because he doesn’t want people to know anything about what’s going on. When he starts telling the doctor about it, he is driving a stolen Cadillac and he is smoking, all very weird. Then the doctor tells him he also had that dream, but he was the only one who had survived the war. Finally, the song says that Abraham Lincoln said “I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours”, we always think we are the only ones.

The thing is, The freewheelin’ is a great album with great songs and I think it will be, for a long time, a legend in music.

By Lola García Fueyo


Last month, when Sophia was walking down the street, she met one of the most famous heroes of Capital City. Not many would bother saving a young girl of being mugged, so she did not expect Dark Static appearing out of the blue.

She had been searching for information about that young man that was supposed to be one of the main protectors of Capital City. She only knew he was a male. She hoped it had been a woman. Sophia had only left the bar where she was working for the summer, when a man started walking behind her. She was scared, and her heart was beating really really hard.  Sophia knew their local heroes worked 24/7, but she was still worried they wouldn´t show up. She was becoming too dependent on them, so she took it upon herself, to save her own soul. Sophia had taken some karate lessons, so she could take the man down easily. She had that advantage of knowledge so she used to plan on using it against him. She mentally prepared for her fight fist to fist and she attacked. Sophia kicked the man where the sun didn´t shine and knocked him off with a single fist. She was going to run for her life, when a crash interrupted her thoughts and she stopped to see. “I was going to save you, you know?” she couldn´t believe it was DS. “I appreciate your concern, but I can watch my own back.” And she felt her heart skip a beat.

Sophia experienced her worst nightmare, but she would not forget talking to the young man behind the black mask that called himself Dark Static, or as she called him: DS.

By Lola García Fueyo. 1ESO C

Last Monday, 17th of April, students of first and second grade of ESO were waiting in front of the highschool to take a bus to go to the week camp in Garaña, near Llanes, where we were going to spend the next three days, until Wednesday, the 19th.

When we arrived, after an hour of travelling, the monitors of the camp introduced themselves and guided us to a small church, where we left our baggage.

Then, we played with three monitors –April, Kobey and Paul- a game called `Splat´ that would help them to remember our names.

We also played others games, such as `Salad´ and one in which we were pokemons, because Paul loves them.

Later, we had a shower and we had dinner, and after playing a game about creating stories, we went to sleep.

On Tuesday, we had breakfast and we played baseball and, then, we went to the Bufones de Pría, where we could feel the pressure of the air over the sea putting our hands near to a small geyser.

When we went back to the camp, we made `Construction´, building something like a bridge with plastic tubes.

After having lunch, we went to the Adventure Park, a place where you have to cross suspension bridges and all that kind of things, and, at the end of it, you had a great zip line.

Then, we played Jenga, basket and a game of mime, pictionary and trivia.

After riding a segway, we had dinner and went to the disco, when we danced songs like `Shape of you´ and `Despacito´.

On Wednesday, we were a little sad, because we had to leave the camp, but we had a lot of fun playing games like `Categories´, `Treasure hunt´ or the `Train´.

After that, monitors gave us caps and prizes for the people who had spoken a lot in English. We took our baggage and we waited for the bus, that was delayed. Finally, we said goodbye to all our monitors and returned to Mieres.

We slept three hours each night, but we had a great time!

We want to come back!


All students in 3erd course have created these clastic models. It has been the funniest and the easiest way to work in groups and to learn more about systems related to nutrition in our bodies.


Yaiza, Ainhoa,  Alexia, Laura and Pablo learning chemistry through dancing!

How fun!!

In 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev could see
That properties of elements vary periodically
As atomic number increases, the properties repeat
In a soothing rhythmic pattern that can form a funky beat

The elements we know about, they number one-fourteen
Some in quantities so small that theyve never been seen
Most are common elements that are far and wide dispersed
But all of them together make up all the universe

Elements in Group 1 are called the alkalis
They explode in water, and are of very tiny size
They love to lose electrons when they form a bond
Of these reactive atoms, I can say Im rather fond!

Group 2 elements are often called alkaline earth
Calciums been building bones since well before your birth
They form nice +2 ions and are generally quite fun
Though theyre not quite as reactive as the metals in Group 1

Since 1869, every one of us could see
That properties of elements vary periodically
As atomic number increases, the properties repeat
In a soothing rhythmic pattern that can form a funky beat

Metals in groups 3-12? Transition elements!
Some of them are lightweight, and others really dense
Things they have in common, they form charges, two or more
And some form colored compounds, which is something we adore!

If you want an element, just tell me once again
If its in Group 17, youve got a halogen!
Nonmetals so corrosive, theyre not found in their pure state
They can gain electrons like theyre going out of date!

Got one for you in Group 18, and its known as Noble Gas
If youre looking for an element that just sits there on its %&@
If you wonder why and havent figured it out yet
Their valence configuration is a big stable octet!

So now it should be obvious that everyone should see
That properties of elements vary periodically
As atomic number increases, the properties repeat
In a soothing rhythmic pattern that can form a funky beat

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