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Plant nutrition games

Photosynthesis game

Identify a tree using a dichotomous key 

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Maria dice:

Hi Diego! I played with “plant nutrition games” and I liked it! They are fun and the most important thing is that we can learn with it. I think that this bilingual blog help us with a lot of things: The pronunciation (using the vokis) and our level of English
So, Thanks!

Carla García dice:

Hello Diego!
I liked very much this games,they are very fun! So I liked it, because we can practise with these and learn sciences and English both together.I think that this blog is very interesting too.

alberto dice:

They are very good games. I like them very much. I learn a lot with them. I like it very much.

Belén dice:

Hello Diego.
I played the ” Photosynthesis game ” and I liked it very much. There are parts that I don`t understand very well, but as part of the concepts already in English or in Spanish, they have not been many parts those that I don`t understand. I surprised the equation of the photosynthesis seemed to myself to be complex (with those that I still have for learning that sure someone will be more complicated). The part that more I liked was when you had to take care to the plant though it seems to be silly it. Thank you for doing so many things to help ourselves to learning sciences.

Belén dice:

Hello Diego:
I have liked The second game also. He has remembered a herbalist’s that I did in primary. I think that the game should contain more trees to identify. Good-bye.

Beatriz dice:

Hello Diego.
I´m Beatriz.
I played the photosynthesis game and it was very interesting. I listened the explanation with a lot of interest, but I didn´t understand some things.
I think that the explanation about the different parts of the leave and the care of a plant were the most interesting parts.
I think that it´s very funny and you learn and revise the lesson.
Good bye.

Sofia Martínez Fernández dice:

Hello Diego.
I played the photosynthesis game and the Identify a tree game. The game that I liked the most was the photosynthesis game because I learnt more vocabulary about plants. Apart from that the pronunciation is very important too and in the second game there wasn’t audio.
I also liked the second but it wasn’t complete because it didn’t have audio.

I think the first complete the second. They were very interesting.

Ana Fernández Manso dice:

Hello Diego!
I played the “plant nutrition games” (photosynthesis game and identify a tree using a dichotomous key) and I loved ! There are very fun and I learn a lot with this games. It´s fantastic! I think that this games are great because you learn in a fun way and studying is more fun and entertaining.

Ana Fernández Manso dice:

I discover a lot of things too!

Andrea dice:

I like these games because they’re very interesting and useful to know more about plants and their photosynthesis.

Esther dice:

I liked so much both games. I think they’re very interesting and we can learn a lot with them, but I also think that you can improve them.

In “Phothosynthesis game” the explanation was very complete and the little exercises were very good because with them you can see if you’re understanding it. I think that you can write all what it says in a document because in this way we may understand it easily.

In “Identify a tree using a dichotomous key” you also can add a voky with the text for improve our pronunciation but I think this game is the most interesting because you can practise in it how to identify a tree.

Ines Megido dice:

Hello Diego:
I used the first activity to revise and prepare the plants nutrition for the exam. It explains some things that I didn’t know, for example: the equation of the photosynthesis. It seems very complex but with this game I understood it very well.

The second game was very fun and I enjoyed to identify the different trees. It’s very easy to use the dichotomous key.

Thanks for these exercises, they have been very useful and interesting to me.
Good bye!

Mario dice:

I think this exercises are very important to understand photosynthesis process of the plants and you can learn new parts of a plant leaf too.
For me, the most important thing is the part in which you must look after your plant and learn to do it in the real life.

Hugo Fernández dice:

Hello Diego.
The firt game is very beautiful. It´s my favourite because it is interactive and the slides are very funny. I didn´t learn very much with it but it is very useful to revise the lesson.

The second game is not the same, it looks old and not very interesting in my opinion.

Thanks for this games Diego, they helped me a lot for practise on holidays.

Celia Lobo Piñeiro dice:

Hello Diego:
The first game it is very interesting, and it´s also funny, because you can learn many things about photosynthesis and, in the same time, you can do some activities about it, and you can take care a virtual plant!
In the second game, you can learn about the types of tres and leaves, and their classification in the nature. I think that this game is very interesting and educational for the people.
Bye, Celia.

Ana Iráculis dice:

Hi Diego!
I played this game and I think it’s very awesome and funny. You can learn the process of the photosynthesis and the parts of the leave by this funny way. But, in the explanation, I didn’t understand some things, but nothing important. The rest of the explanation is well.
Happy holidays!

Iyán dice:

hi diego.
I played these two games and I really liked them because I learned some things that I didn´t know about plants

Sandra dice:

Hi Diego!
I play with the Photosynthesis game and I really like it!. I go to a page called “Wonderville” and I can play a lot of games about plants and about the ecosystem.I also see the glossary on page and learned new words.
It is a really good page, I recommend it.

angel dice:

Hi Diego!
I love this games because they are very funny. My favourite is the first game because can learn things of photosynthesis.
The second game is perfect to learn about trees and leaves.

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