1º NI Unit 4: -Ed & -Ing Adjectives

13 02 2017

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Quiz 4



9 Comentarios a “1º NI Unit 4: -Ed & -Ing Adjectives”

22 11 2012
Eva (20:27:39) :

Thanks a lot for your effort and dedication!!!! It is great help!!!

27 11 2013
Jesus (21:15:38) :

Hi Cris!! I am interested in the vídeos that you share with us because they are very interesting.

27 11 2013
Flor (21:32:30) :

Cristina, you mustn’t forget that sun rises every day.You’re the best English teacher. Thank you very much for everything.

28 11 2013
pilar 1 (03:58:45) :

Cristina!! This week is being very boring without your interesting lessons. I hope you’re ok! bye teacher. We miss you! Thanks for this virtual classroom.

29 11 2013
Lucia (13:04:26) :

Hi teacher!
I hope you are ok, look after yourself!
Have a nice weekend, see you on Monday!

29 11 2013
Pilar Bolaños (17:04:20) :

Hi Cristina,
Yesterday when I was doing my homework, I visited our virtual classroom and what a pleasant surprise!!! You are working for us. Thank you. I hope to see you on Tuesday.

30 11 2013
Cristina (23:23:47) :

Hi Cristina!
I think the same as my classmates! Thanks a lot for you effort and for giving us a big smile every day!! Rest and enjoy honey!

3 12 2013
Ana cristina (00:30:45) :

Hi Cristina, I think this video is very good to understand the difference between -ed and -ing. The guy explains it well and the examples are very interesting. The written text helps a lot. It’s been great help to revise!

8 12 2013
Bárbara (04:03:54) :

Hi Cristina :)
This post is very interesting and funny. The man in the video explains the difference between -ing and -ed adjetives in very funny way, but I prefer your explanations with your entertaining PowerPoint presentations. I am a big fan of them ha ha ha!
I am really grateful to you for you effort.
This virtual classroom helps us a lot to improve our English, so thank you Cristina!

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