1º NI Unit 10: Used To

15 05 2017

Mix and match

Make sentences

Choose an option

Order the words



5 Comentarios a “1º NI Unit 10: Used To”

22 10 2013
Fran (13:25:12) :

Hello teacher! Coming back here! As a good student, I’m doing my homework ha ha!
I didn’t understand the difference between “used to” and “would” very well, but now I do.
I believe I have a problem with the listening exercises….
See you on Wednesday!

26 10 2013
Bárbara (21:28:48) :

Hi Cristina :)
On Wednesday I told you that this weekend I would send you a comment so I am doing it.
I have just done my homework and the exercises in our virtual classroom.
I have watched the video and I found it useful to revise how to use the expression “used to”.
Have a nice weekend!
See you on Monday !

28 10 2013
Alejandro (23:04:02) :

Hi Teacher!

I’m trying hard to improve those writings. I’m therefore hoping to get better writings.

See you on Wednesday!

12 05 2016
Yolanda (17:40:09) :

Hello Cristina! Today talking about “subject” I remembered this song, thanks to it I learnt more or less how to pronounce the subjects


See you

12 05 2016
Ariane (20:26:41) :

Hello Cristina!

I like this video about talking of past habits. It’s a good video because “used to” is explained very well. But your explanations are very good, so thank you teacher… “Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students” (CHarles Kuralt, American journalist). You are one of them, do you know? :)

Have a nice weekend!See you on Monday!


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