1º NI Unit 1: Questions With Like

20 10 2017


Questions with like (lesson on questions with like)

Questions with like (choose the correct answer)

Questions with like (questions and answers)

Grammar challenge (revise and do quiz 1 & 2)

1º NI Unit 1: Describing People

20 10 2017

Mrs Haquet is an English teacher from France who creates great interactive books to learn grammar and vocabulary. Try them and find out how well you are doing, you’ll get your score at the end of each book. Here you have two of them to practise physical description and personality. Listen, read, write, speak, and keep working and improving!


Congrats on your good work Mrs Haquet!

1º NI Unit 1: Subject & Object Questions

19 10 2017


Write the questions

Multiple Choice Quiz

Gap-fill Exercise

1º NI Unit 1: The Alphabet & Spelling

15 10 2017

1º NI Unit 1: Big Numbers

15 10 2017

♦ Number recognition - Audio exercises

♦ Read and write the number - Don’t forget commas!

I Want To Learn English Because..

5 10 2017

Student 1: “…because it will help me succeed at school.
Student 2: ”…to make my family proud.” “…to graduate from college.”
Student 3: “…to get a good job.”


4 10 2017


1º NI - Student’s Book

3 10 2017


Click on your book to be at the student’s area and learn more English here with interactive exercises, useful downloads, games, and weblinks. Practise your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and reading, and have some fun too.

Curso 2017-2018: Admisión y Matrícula en EOI

13 06 2017

 REPESCA (oferta de plazas vacantes tras el proceso ordinario de matrícula): martes 3 a partir de las 16:00

 Don’t forget it! Share it!

2º NB Unit 11: Articles

22 05 2017

 Articles (1)

 Articles (2)

 Articles (3)

 Articles (4)

 Articles (5)