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10 10 2012
monica (23:29:45) :

Hello Cristine! this blog is very good

26 10 2012
María (10:30:04) :

Hello Cristina! First of all I would like to say thanks, thank you very much for your lessons. I think they are funny and I enjoy it so much while I´m revising and learning a lot of new things, and so quickly! I like it more than I could suppose. It´s perfect. I think that my classmates are very nice too and,of course, your blog is FANTASTIC .
Thanks again and see you tomorrow!

23 11 2012
María (00:27:41) :

Hola Cristina. Prefiero escribirte en castellano porque me resulta mucho más fácil y ahora tengo poco tiempo (todavía tengo que trabajar un poco en lo mío).Muchísimas gracias por el trabajo que haces, es una “pasada”.Estoy realmente sorprendida.I have never had a teacher like you, y,te aseguro,que he tenido muchos teachers,en el colegio y luego en la facultad. Mis más sinceras felicitaciones. He estado revisando mi redacción y me han servido de mucho tus correcciones.Todos los días aprendo algo nuevo.Me encanta!!
Once again thank you very much and enjoy the weekend!

21 12 2012
belen alvarez 2º F (10:08:35) :

Dear Cristina,

The last days I did not go to school, because I was sick.
I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Kind regards.

17 01 2013
maria (22:41:13) :

Thanks,thanks,thanks Cristina.I couldn’t do it without your help!!
I could speak English a lot in class today and I’m happy.I’m learning,I’m improving my level of English and,as you say I can do it!!
Have a nice weekend and thanks again!!

17 02 2013
maria (21:25:57) :

Hi Cristina.
I was doing the exam from 2008 and I think it’s so difficult. I think that I have to do many readings, many listenings and many of all!
I hope to see you on Tuesday!!

23 04 2013
maria (22:08:27) :

Hi again Cristina!
It’s great!
When I thought that I had seen everything about how to teach well,you come today and explain the comparatives. It’s incredible! I’ve liked your class a lot, not only like it, I’ve loved it! As many of my classmates said to you, I also believe, that you are the best teacher in the world. Really, I’m a big fan too.
Thank you very much and see you tomorrow.

4 10 2013
monica (21:59:39) :

Hello Christine! I like this site “bloggeoing”. This year I am crying for you because I would like to have you as my teacher. I miss you very much because without you the lessons are not the same. My teacher is a good teacher and a good and nice person, but your smile and friendliness are unique. Thank you very much for all the good moments, the best of my life.

20 11 2013
Carmen Prieto (08:08:22) :

Hello Cristina, quiero mandarte algo y no se si procede o no, pero voy a hacerlo. Te lo digo en español, porque no tengo nivel en ingles. Ante todo me pareces una profe 10,creo que eres única,y la mejor y con lo que me cuesta ir a clase, por tiempo, si no fuera por ti, ya lo hubiera dejado, mil gracias, ahí va el vídeo, me arriesgo como suelo hacer… No lo hago mas !!

21 12 2013
Alejandro Rivera (14:06:03) :

Have a Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones, Cristina!
Have a nice weekend!

15 01 2014
Marta Soto (21:23:27) :

“Bloggeoing” is the best!! Congrats, Cristina :)

3 03 2014
Santi y Ana (00:52:01) :

Hi Cristina, how is it going?
We know that today is Sunday and you shouldn’t work because it is your day off but we have just done a very important test and we would like you to have a look at it and correct it, please.

Have a really Happy Happy Birthday teacher!!!!!!! ha, ha, ha. We hope that you have a really nice day and you enjoy it as much as you can :)
This is our present, specially for you.


Best wishes, see you soon.

Ana y Santi

You’re great and I love teaching you. It’s a fantastic gift that I will treasure. Thank you for contributing to make this day and others special.
Sending you my best wishes!
Your teacher

16 05 2014
Carmen Prieto (10:18:01) :

Hello Cristina! Good morning! The school year is coming to an end, and I think I learned a lot, thanks to the teacher, because you´re nice, sympathetic, fun to be with and very professional. I learned a lot with you, you’re the best.
Thanks teacher! I want you to be my teacher next year !!!

23 12 2014
P. Riesco (04:48:54) :

Hi Cristina!
Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas!

PS:Check your e-mail

2 02 2015
Ariana DG (19:33:39) :

Thank you!

Check your email.

1 12 2016
Paula MG (14:55:59) :

Hi Cristina!
Check your email

Hi Paula!
Check your email

12 12 2016
Teresa (01:01:32) :

Cristina, I like some of the videos a lot. They keep me entertained for hours!
Thank you and good night!

14 12 2016
Jenny (14:33:10) :

Hello Cristina!
Bloggeoing is a fantastic website. Thank you for being the best English teacher I have ever had, I’m improving every day. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

24 12 2016
Marié Menéndez Perez (13:42:37) :

Merry Christmas!! and a Happy New Year!!!

26 12 2016
vanessa (15:28:56) :

Hello Cristina!

Merry Christmas!
Check your email, please.

Check your email, Vanessa.

15 03 2017

Good evening Cristina,
The “1º “J” group miss you so much
We hope you have a quick recovering


Your favourite students ;-)

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