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English is one of the most popular and widely spoken languages in the world. It has often been referred to as a “world language” and has become the leading language of international discourse. It is essential in business, compulsory in schools, and necessary to find information on the internet. Learning English is essential in today’s global world, and one of the many easy ways to do it is just going online. 

This blog is aimed at providing online aid as a complement to our lessons in order to make the process of learning English a bit easier for you.  Although it may seem like a daunting task to try to obtain a good command of the English language, there are a lot of sites on the net to help you get it. I know there is quite a lot of information there and that it may be a bit difficult to manage. In order to help you, I’ve put together some links and exercises for you to practise and made them now available to you. While there are a lot of great web sites online that will allow you to learn, something as simple as getting involved in forums, chatting, or writing to pals that speak the language is good extra practice as well. Practising is one of the best ways to learn any kind of skill, and the English language is no exception. The more you practise the language, no matter how you do it, the faster you will be able to truly master it. 

Here we can also share information that we think might be useful to others. Hope it helps and you make lots of progress!

M. Cristina C. B.



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