The Internet contains thousands of useful resources in supporting learning.The following is a short list of multimedia web sites for improving Listening and Speaking skills.  

Listening activities for EOI students

basic level

Randall’s ESL listening lab

easy, medium and difficult

British Council listening practice

A1 level to B2 level

English listening lessons library

beginners to advanced

La mansión del inglés

beginners to advanced

beginners to advanced

Basic listening lessons

audio, quiz and script

Intermediate listening lessons

audio, quiz and script

Advanced listening lessons

audio, quiz and script

ELT podcasts

basic conversation

ELT podcasts

intermediate conversations

BBC 6 minute English

everyday stories

5 minute listening

short lessons

Breaking news English

lessons in 7 levels

Listen to news-Englishclub

weekly news

The Guardian

audio reports and podcasts

California Learning Project

adult learning activities











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