2º NB Unit 7: Directions

16 03 2017

 Click and revise:




Directions Through Town

2º NB Unit 1: At A Hotel

20 10 2016

Checking-in at a hotel:

Some useful vocabulary:

About UK

9 01 2015


 British Life & Culture

 British Culture & Society

 Daily Life in UK

1º NI Unit 3: Hotels & Accommodation

2 02 2014

Spend a night at a guest house on the Isle of Arran in Scotland and learn some vocabulary to talk about hotels and accommodation. You can download a PDF with the transcript here.

 Vocabulary: Types of Accommodation

Vocabulary: Hotels & Accommodation

Conversation: Booking a room

Conversation: Booking a room

Visiting León

26 09 2012

Do you fancy travelling and visiting new places around the world? What about starting here in your own country? Watch this video and get to know a bit more about León, but in ENGLISH!

48 hours in and around León