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Should Physical Education play a bigger role in the Spanish Educational System?

25 Enero 2012
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As all of you already know, Spanish students have 2 P.E. lessons per week in secondary school during ESO and in the 1st year of bachiller. In primary school, students used to have 3 hours per week before 2006. Everybody knows that physical activity and a healthy diet are the cheapest way to have a healthy life. Research shows that for every euro that administrations spend to improve people’s physical activity, they will save seven euro in health services.

Schools in advanced countries all over the world have 3 to 5 hours of P.E. per week. 

Spain is growing fat much faster than the U.S.  More than 30% of our children and teenagers are overweight.  50% of Spanish people older than 50 are overweight. Hundreds of scientific investigations have shown that academic performance improves with a daily hour of physical exercise. When your body exercises you increase your strength, endurance, skills, attention and you rest better and sleep more deeply.

For many youngsters in Spain, P. E. lessons are the only physical activity they do, and they stop exercising completely when they finish compulsory education because THEY DON’T FEEL THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH AT SPORT, or they don’t know what options they have. Finally, remember as we saw in the lessons that health is a 3D concept:  physical, yes, but also mental and social.  In P.E. lessons students have to learn other concepts like how to use their body responsibly or how to work in a group, and they also must develop important attitudes like cooperation, effort and respect for others.


* What are your views on this topic?

* Are you happy with the amount of P.E you have at school? 

* Why/Why not?

* Should P.E. play a more important role in “Bachillerato”?