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Should Physical Education play a bigger role in the Spanish Educational System?

25 Enero 2012
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As all of you already know, Spanish students have 2 P.E. lessons per week in secondary school during ESO and in the 1st year of bachiller. In primary school, students used to have 3 hours per week before 2006. Everybody knows that physical activity and a healthy diet are the cheapest way to have a healthy life. Research shows that for every euro that administrations spend to improve people’s physical activity, they will save seven euro in health services.

Schools in advanced countries all over the world have 3 to 5 hours of P.E. per week. 

Spain is growing fat much faster than the U.S.  More than 30% of our children and teenagers are overweight.  50% of Spanish people older than 50 are overweight. Hundreds of scientific investigations have shown that academic performance improves with a daily hour of physical exercise. When your body exercises you increase your strength, endurance, skills, attention and you rest better and sleep more deeply.

For many youngsters in Spain, P. E. lessons are the only physical activity they do, and they stop exercising completely when they finish compulsory education because THEY DON’T FEEL THEY ARE GOOD ENOUGH AT SPORT, or they don’t know what options they have. Finally, remember as we saw in the lessons that health is a 3D concept:  physical, yes, but also mental and social.  In P.E. lessons students have to learn other concepts like how to use their body responsibly or how to work in a group, and they also must develop important attitudes like cooperation, effort and respect for others.


* What are your views on this topic?

* Are you happy with the amount of P.E you have at school? 

* Why/Why not?

* Should P.E. play a more important role in “Bachillerato”?


1. Carlota3D - 16 Febrero 2012 

Hi i’m Carlota:
1-My views of this topic are that we need to do more exercise in Spain. I know that quite a few people do sport outside the school, but others don’t , and that’s why I think we need to have more classes of P.E

2-I think we don’t have enough classes of P.E.

3- Because 55 min. of light sport(because P.E. is very light) isn’t sport enough for a week of 24H. every day.

4-Yes, I think it should play a more important role in all courses,but to change it now to do it in Bachillerato I think would be a great idea for improving fitness in Spain.

Nice to answer your questions

Carlota ;)

2. Adad.M.Piñera - 18 Febrero 2012 

1-.I agree with the idea of having more Physical Education classes, because as you say in the 3rd paragraph people are getting fatter and fatter, and for a lot of young people P.E. is the only physical activity they do and it’s recomended to do something else.

2-.In my opinion, I will add one or two more classes a week and specialize each class in a kind of effort. For example, Mondays, we specialize the class in physical activities; Tuesday in ability activities; Wendnesday in strentgh activities; like that all days.

3-.Because for people that make very little sport, or they do nothing, it is good that they do some sport, and only 2H a week is practically nothing, because P.E. is a light class of sport, it’s not something very hard.

4-.I think people when they get older, they pay less atenttion to sport so, I think that P.E. should play an important role in Bachillerato, but no more than E.S.O. more or less the same.

3. Roberto Pérez Sánchez 3ºD - 19 Febrero 2012 

Hi I’m Roberto
1-. I think that in Spain, people should do more exercise because people are getting fatter and fatter. Most children in Spain only do sport at school and very little because of the number of classes of P.E.

2-. I think we need one or two more classes of P.E. and I agree with the idea of Adad of having a different exercise each day of P.E.

3-. We need more classes because this year we have to go to the swimming pool one day per week during half a year. And when we go to the swimming pool, we lose a class of P.E.

4-. I think in “Bachillerato” we don’t need many classes of P.E. beacuse when you are that age when you want to do the classes that would help you when you go to university. If you want to be a P.E. teacher, obviously you’ll have to have many P.E. classes to learn how to teach this subject.

4. Alejandro Losada Fernández 3ºD - 20 Febrero 2012 

Hi I´m Alejandro:
1-I agree with you, but I know people who do sport at school and then outside the school.

2-No,I´m not happy with the amount of P.E. we have at school.

3-Because at school, we don´t do sport enough and if people say that we have to do sport because it´s healthy, why don´t we have more classes of P.E ? And during the “only” class we have during the week ( because the other class a half of the class are in the swimming pool ), we lose 10-15 minutes when the teacher explains what we have to do during the class.

4-I agree with you.
I agree with Carlota and Adad because sport is very important for us, it doesn´t mattter if we are in primary, secondary or “Bachillerato”.
But I agree with Roberto because in “Bachillerato” we have to prepare us to go to university.
So, we have to study but we mustn´t forget to do exercise.

5. Álvaro Garduño Gonzalez - 21 Febrero 2012 

Hi! I´m Álvaro Garduño.3ºD. 21 Febrero 2012

1-I think P.E. should play a bigger role in our education system.

2-We haven´t got enough time to practice all kind of sports and physical activities with two P.E. lessons per week.

3-It´s necessary to practice sports more regularly not only because of our weight, I mean that physical activities have a major importance in many areas that go beyond sport.It improves behaviour and attitudes.

4-I realized that if we had more P.E. lessons per week…
Should we have less hours per week of another subject ?
Should we have a bigger timetable ?
I think it´s not possible to have more P.E. hours in “Bachillerato”.

Thank you for the articles;)

6. estela rigaud sanchez - 21 Febrero 2012 

Hi! I’m Estela
1.I agree with you because I think that P.E. is as important as other subjects.I have friends who want to be teachers of physical education and I agree with them
2.I think, we need anoher hour and I think that in second of bachiller we should have Physical Education at least one hour.
3.Because nowadays there are a lot of people that do nothing of sport out of the school and now we have to go to the swimming pool and we are wasting one class of Physical Education.
4.Yes, Physical Education is always important even in bachiller and we should have the same hours in first and in second.
We need to do more sport!

7. Alejandro Lorenzo - 21 Febrero 2012 

Hi! I’m Alex Lorenzo.

1: I think there are subjects that need more hours per week, and physical education is one of them. I think there are also subjects that aren’t important, like religious education or citizenship, and they could be easily replaced. The body is very important and we need to look after it.

2: I definitely disagree with the amount of P.E. classes per week. I think we need more P.E. classes, two hours a week is a disaster.

3: Because I think we need more P.E. classes, two hours a week is a disaster. Think that there are 24 hours every day, and, multiplied by 7, 168 hours a week. 2 hours of 168 are very few, and, if you don’t do an extra activity during the afternoon, these 2 hours are like nothing.

4: Well, P.E. is very important, but I think it is as important in 3rd of E.S.O. as in 2nd of bachiller. I think the age doesn’t matter, all that we need is to do more physical education.

And that’s all. Happy Carnival!!!!!!

8. Hector Zuazua Melero - 22 Febrero 2012 

Hi! I´m Hector Zuazua
1. I think that people in our country should do more exercise and pay more attention to our body.

2. In my opinion, we need more hours of P.E. I think two hours per week aren´t enough.

3. Because in two hours you can´t do a lot of exercise and because classes don´t usually start on time and you normally finish before the ring bells. I think we should have two or three hours more per week because there are a lot of people who only do exercise in class and two hours aren´t enough.

4. I don´t think it would be a good idea to have more P.E. classes in Bachillerato. I think Bachillerato is a way to prepare people to study what they want and you need more hours to study than to do exercise. If you want to be something related to sport or where you need to be fit you should prepare your body on your own.

9. ALVARO PUTZE AJENJO - 22 Febrero 2012 

Hi I am Alvaro Putze
1: My opinion about this topic is that I agree because P.E is for me one of the most important subjects because we do sport and it is good for our health.
2: I am very disappointed with the amount of P.E we have at school we only have two hours a week and it is very little amount.
3: Because I think we would definitely have four or more hours of P.E because two hours is a very small amount of exercise and doing sport is good for our health.
4. I think P.E must be taught in every course because it is as important in first of ESO as in second of BACHILLERATO so we should have classes of P.E in BACHILLERATO

10. Deva 3D - 22 Febrero 2012 

Hi! I’m Deva.

1: I agree with you because I think Spain needs more hours of Physical Education. People should do more exercise, and not many people do sport before classes.

2: No, I’m not very happy with the amount of Physical Education. I think we need more classes, two hours aren’t enough.

3: I’m not happy with that , because we should do at least two hours of exercise a week, and not everyone does sport before classes, so they should do something at school, and it must be obligatory.

4: Well, I think P.E. should be necessary in all courses, and in Bachiller it should be as inportant as in 3rd of E.S.O., but we also have to consider that if we have too many P.E. classes, we should have fewer hours per week of another subject.

Well, I think that’s all. Thanks for the article!

11. Ana Martín Álvarez 3ºD - 22 Febrero 2012 

1.-I agree with this because people should have a healthier life.
Nowadays I think people don’t do enough exercise or eat many vegetables and fruit. We need to keep fit and be as healthy as we can, specially at our age.
2.-No, but we don’t have time to have more hours of P.E.
3.- I disagree with having only 2 hours a week but if we want more, when will we have them? We have many subjects now, so if the amount of classes increased it would be a stressful thing.
But I think that it would be good for us to have more P.E. classes at school, it’s good for our health.
4.-I think that in Bachillerato P.E. isn’t as important as in ESO, I don’t how to explain exactly my point of view. It´s good for us to do exercise but in school there are things much more important than sport, because you can do sport in your free time, and in school it is better to learn things for the future.

12. Nacho Guillén - 22 Febrero 2012 

Hi! I’m Nacho.

1. I agree with you because I think that P.E. has to play a much bigger role in our education.

2. I’m not happy at all with the number of P.E. lessons that we have, I think we should have at least two more classes per week.

3. Because, for young people,it is very good to do a lot of sport, and for people who only do sport at school two hours is not enough. And less in 3rd year when we have to go once a week to the swimming pool, and when we go, we only spend half of the class swimming, because the rest of the time we spend it in the dressing room.

4. I think in Bachillerato it is less important than in E.S.O, because we need more hours of other subjects to understand the lessons better because we have to study a lot, and P.E. loses importance ’cause of that.

Thanks for the article and for this beautiful blog. :)

13. Silvia González Ablanedo - 22 Febrero 2012 

HI! I´m Silvia

1.- I think that P.E. it is an important subject, but in Spain we don´t practice much. Spain is the second country in which there are more obese children. We must change this!

2.- I am not satisfied with the number of hours of Physical Education.

3.- Because there are only 2 hours of this subject and we haven´t got time to learn how to play or have fun when we play, we only do three or four classes for example basketball and then we play another sport. We should be like the Americans, they give scholarships to play a sport. I think it is very important to do some exercise.

4.- Well, the ”Bachillerato” is really important and Physical Education is not. If in P.E we did not have to get marks, it would be a good idea. You don´t worry about the marks and you have a good time with your friends.

14. Lydia Diaz Rodríguez - 22 Febrero 2012 

1-.I disagree with this!I think that is OUR own problem to get fatter or not.It is not something that we need to do in classes.We decide if we want to have a healthy life or not.But, on the other hand…P.E is a class where we can disconnect,playing,dancing…doing things that we like!
2-I’m happy with our hours of P.E.They are exactly the hours that we need.
3-Because we don’t need to do more exercise and also because most of us do exercise outside school hours.
4.No!I think that in Bachillerato we shouldn’t have P.E, because in this subject we have exams too!I don’t know why.And, Bachillerato is very difficult, we have lots of subjects that are MORE important, and worry about this subject I find it stupid!

15. Javier García Mira 3ºD - 22 Febrero 2012 

Hi I’m Javier

1-I agree. I think more young people should do more exercise not only at school also they can do sports out of the school in a sport team.When you do exercise you feel happier, healthier and you get fit.

2-I’m not very happy whith the number of PE classes because we only have 2 and they are too short. Maybe they could make longer PE classes .

3-Because I think we need one lesson per day.I think that if we had more lessons we would live better. The problem is that we don’t have time to do it and we can’t lose an hour of other subjects because we have only one or two sometimes.

4-I think yes but not only in bachillerato is more important in eso and at the school because you need to create a habit when they enjoy do sport they won’t need PE classes because they will do sport in their free time.

16. Alejandro Salvador Cabo - 22 Febrero 2012 

Hi! I´m Alejandro

I think sports in general are very important and P.E is great for the people who don´t like to do sport because it´s a subject and they would have to do it if they didn´t want.

I would like to have more lessons of P.E because it´s funny and we do different sports like football, handball or volleyball.
I definetely disagree with the amount of P.E that we have every week I would like to have at least three lessons.

I think P.E should play a important role in bachillerato because the girls,when they get older, don´t like sport as much.

17. Sara Fernandez Friera 3ªD - 22 Febrero 2012 

1-I totally agree with this topic. I think there should be more hours of physical education because, for a lot of people, is the only way to do sport. It´s a very important subject, and I think there should be physical education every day.

2-No, there should be more hours of physical education.

3-Because if you want to get fit, you have to do sport very frequently. And there are a lot of people who are overweight, and we have to improve that. If we had more hours of P.E, people would start living more and better, and it would be good for everybody, so , why don´t we do it?

4-Well, this is a bit more difficult…because in “Bachillerato” there are a lot of difficult subjects, and in one or two years students are going to go to university, so they have to be prepared. In “Bachillerato” I think it should be optional, because when you are in this course you are old enough to know what is good for yourself.

Thank you very much!!!! xoxo

18. Pedro Vega Fernández - 22 Febrero 2012 

Hello! I´m Pedro.

1. I agree with most of you. I think P.E. is an important subject. I think it should have a more important role in education because some people only do this physical activity so with only two hours a week it doesn´t contribute a lot in prevention of overweight.

2. I think we shold have more hours a week of P.E. and they might be more enjoyable and original because if not it would be boring.

3. Why? Well, because as Lorenzo said there are too many hours a week to only have two periods a week. I´m talking of 4 periods a week approximately.

4. I do not agree with this question. I think “Bachillerato” is preparatory course to get into the university so if you´re not going to study something that´s similar to P.E. I don´t think you need more classes than what we have now. I think it would be nice as a optional subject.

And that´s all from me, I hope you like it!


19. Paula Tejedor - 22 Febrero 2012 

1. I agree with all that the text says, I think it is very sad that there are so many people overweight now in Spain. I also think it is a very good idea to have 3 or 5 days physical education per week because it is very healthy and entertaining, and for the people who don´t do exercise out of the school is also very appropiate.
2.Well,I think it is good to have 2 days per week physical education because if we have it every day all the pupils can´t enter in the pavilion.However, if I had the option I would like to have physical education every day because I like doing exercise very much.
3.Because I think we should have it because is very healthy and good for everybody and only 2 days per week i think is not enough to do something serious.
4.Yes it should be, because in this stage of high school is when people are more stressed about exams and getting very good marks. So I think physical education could be a way to relax and to forget about everything.

20. Camila Trovato - 23 Febrero 2012 

1.Well,I agree.Sport is something very important in our lives,and I think it could be better to have 3 or 4 hours per week,because it is really good for the people, who don´t do any sport.

2.Yes,I´m happy with the number of P.E classes,but I would like to have between 3 or 5 hours as I said before.

3.Mainly because, it´s very healthy for all the people who do or don´t do any sport to prevent the overweight , and it´s a different subject, where we “switch off” a little bit and also we enjoy, and we learn a lot of different sports.

4.Yes,I think it should play a more important role,but, I know that it´s difficult because there are a lot of important subjects,and if we had more hours of P.E we had fewer hours of other important subjects, but it might be possible to do something to solve this problem.

21. Óscar Briz López, 3ºD - 28 Febrero 2012 

1-I think that we really should do more exercise at school, but just if we don´t do any other sports. There are some students who do a lot of sport out of the high school and too much sport would be exhausting, so I think they should put an alternative to P.E. if you prove that you do sport out of the high school.

2-For me it´s just OK.

3- I don´t think I need more classes and I don´t have any problem with having two hours a week. I neither think anyone in the class really needs to do more sport, or already does so much sport that P.E. is too much for him or her. I think it´s enjoyable to run and play for a while.

4-Not at all, in my opinion in “bachillerato” we are already old enough to focus on studying, and not on playing basketball.

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