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26 May 2009

The World Trade Center Twin Towers

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Name The World Trade Center Twin Towers.
Author Minoru Yamasaki and Emery Roth And Sons were the architects who designed the towers.
Movement Unknown
Function They had office and comercial function
Shape They had got a prism-shaped.
Adjective It was very tall and similar, because one of them had 2 meters more.  
Materials It is a building with steel, concrete and crystal panels.
Characteristics They were in Manhattan, an island in New York. In 1993, the towers were and intent of a bombing, but there were only herds  and less than 10 dies. But in 11th September 2001 the big impact of a plane of a terrorist group called Al Qaeda provocated the destroy of the two towers. The zone of the area was destroyed too and its area is called Ground Zero. It will build a new tower called Frredom Tower in replace of them.

I chose this building because I remember the attents of the 11th September 2001

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