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31 May 2010


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I chose this building because I never seen a library so original.sin-titulo-1.jpg

The National Library of Belarus is now located in a new 72-metre high building in Minsk, Belarus. The building has got  twenty-two floors and was completed in January 2006. The library’s new building was opened on 16th June 2006. It is in the form of a rhombicucoctahedrom (diamond). The  building is covered with glass panels. Behind the glass there are a lot of colour  lights. They create an illusion of a giant colour display. Every day the library delivers about 12,000 documents. The authors are M.R. Vinogrodow and V.V. Kramorenko.

María Carracedo de Vega 1º A

27 May 2010

Chrysler Building

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 I chose this building because I saw it and I like its style so much and the city where it is. The Chrysler is 319 meters high and it was the world’s tallest building for eleven months. The Chrysler Building was designed by William van Alen. They started to build it in 1928, and they opened it to the public in 1930. The building has seventy-seven floors; in the corners of the  sixty-first floor there are  eagles gargoyles. The upper floors of the building are narrow. The Chrysler has a square prism form and the windows of the upper floors have triangular form.Cecilia Arias Cañedo-Argüelles 1ºB

26 May 2010

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      BROOKLYN BRIDGEI chose this scene because I really like it. It was built between 1870 and 1883 and, at the time of it’s opening was the largest suspension bridge in the world (measuring 1825 meters long, and piles of light is 486.3 meters), a record of light until 1889 was built the Forth Bridge, with a maximum span of 521 m. It was also the first steel wire suspension. Since then it has become one of the most recognizable symbols of New York. It is an emblem of nineteenth century engineering was so innovative at the time the use of steel as construction material on a large scale. It is so well built, currently still in use. Many of the photographs like “skyline” (type horizon) representing New York City are taken based on the figure of the bridge.

                                             Pablo San Miguel Arce 1ºA

24 May 2010


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It was designed by architect and engineer Santiago de Calatraba. It was built between 1989 and 1992 in Barcelona. Built of steel, it is 136m high and represents an athlete with the olimpic flame. Its exterior consists of white metal plates. This made as it it is a sundial on the square in Europe.

22 May 2010

Sydney Opera House

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The Sydney Opera House is a cultural place in Sydney, Australia. I chose that building because I think it’s very amazing.

Jørn Utzon, a Danish architect, designed the Sydney Opera House in 1957. It’s a modern-expressionist building with white and cream tiles, though, from a distance, a uniform white appears  that creates an original texture. He uses steel, metal and granite too. To make the dynamic form in the roof, Jørn cut triangles in a sphere. They imitate shells, bird wings or boat sails. They can wash themselves.

It is one of  the most famous performing arts centres in the world. Lots of ballets, plays, operas and music productions are represented there. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. 

                                                                                                                              Candela Megido Blanco  1ºC

14 May 2010


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Clock Tower - Palace of Westminster, London - September 2006-2.jpg I chose this picture because I like his style and form.Westminster Clock Tower, popularly known as “Big Ben”, was built as part of the new building designed by Charles Barry.The body of the tower (61 m) consists of brickwork with stone cladding; the remaining 35 meters form the needle cast iron which crowns the tower. The tower is located on a base of 15 meters wide and has an estimated weight in 8667 tons . The four watches are located at 55 meters.

                                                                              MIGUEL ANGEL SASTRE 1ºB

13 May 2010


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The roman collosseum is a collosseum built in Roma in 70 a.C. Vespasiano was the emperor who wanted to build the amphitheater in the middle of Rome.

It is called a  collosseum beacause near the amphitheater there were a statue called El Coloso De Neon. The collosseum is made of stone and it is more than 50 meters high and 188 meters in diameter. It has a lot of decoration made of spheres (which are in the walls) and some columns.

The collosseum is a big cylinder and an amazing building because, in those years it was more dificult to build a building of this size.





10 May 2010

The Temple “Kukulcán”

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temple kukulcan

Temple kukulcán (Chichén Itzá, Mexico)

I selected this building because I like it. The Mayan city won first prize  in ”The seven wonders”. It was a construction of the Mayan civilization in 11 BC.The Temple is called Kukulcán and has a geometric pyramid design. It has nine levels (like a big staircase), and four principal facades with a central staircase in each of these. It is a pyramid-shape but it hasn´t got a vertex but a small temple on the top of the platform. It has snakes decoration because this building is in honour of the mayan god Kukulcán; the translation at Spanish means: “Serpiente emplumada”. The material is  mainly  stone. The geometry of the pyramid construction alows you to observe different phenomenons of light and shade. This phenomenon happens in the equinox and solstices every year.

The best adjectives for describing this temple are: well-balanced, amazing and symmetric.


 Iratxe Esteve Cuesta 1ºC

5 May 2010

Taj Mahal

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aitor.jpgMy choice was the Taj Mahal because I like it and it is one of “The Seven Wonders”. The principal architect was Ustad Ahmad Lahuri, a Persian Muslim (I can not find more information on the arquitect). The Taj Mahal was built in the 17th Century because a wife of the Emperor died and he wanted something in her memory. It has a lot of  spheres. To build the Taj Mahal they used white marble. The best adjetive for describing it is “impressive”.

Aitor del Rivero 1ºA

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                  THE TOWER OF PISA

       torre-pisa.jpg       torre-de-pisa.jpg                                                            

       The tower of Pisa is the belfry of a cathedral situated in the Italian city of Pisa. This builiding is famous because it’s leaning at about 4 degrees but, prior to the restoration work performed in 1990, it was leaning at about 5.5 degrees. It’s made with white marble, it’s 55 meters tall and it weighs 14.700 metric tons. The tower of Pisa was started to be built in 1173 and it was finished in 1372. There were many architects of the Tower of Pisa, but the first of all was Bonano Pisano. This leaning building combines the Gothic elements of the belfry and the romantic elements of the towel.  Inside the tower there is a spiral staircase and in the top there are seven bells (the biggest of them weighs more than 3 metric tons).  

The best adjective for describing this builiding is leaning.

(Excuse me if in my sketch the tower is more leaning than in the photo)

                                                                                        PELAYO FERNANDEZ ARIAS 1ºESO A


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The famous paintor Claude Monet was born in the capital of France, the huge and well-konwn Paris in 1840 and he died in Giverny in 1926


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Maillot was born in Rousillon (France) the 8th december of  1861 and he dead the 27th september of 1944 in Banyuls with eighty-three years old.

He was  a painter and sculpter and his sculptues were made of terracota and his pictures were very softs without bright colours.

He decided at an early age to become a painter and moved to Paria in 1881 to study arts.

Maillot´s preference were the females body for his sculptures.

In this picture there is a girl with a long pink drees. She is walking on the beach with a white umbrella. The technic used is oil on cavas. The expression of the girl is very peculiar because she seems to be angry or concentrated depending on how you look

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