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13 May 2010


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The roman collosseum is a collosseum built in Roma in 70 a.C. Vespasiano was the emperor who wanted to build the amphitheater in the middle of Rome.

It is called a  collosseum beacause near the amphitheater there were a statue called El Coloso De Neon. The collosseum is made of stone and it is more than 50 meters high and 188 meters in diameter. It has a lot of decoration made of spheres (which are in the walls) and some columns.

The collosseum is a big cylinder and an amazing building because, in those years it was more dificult to build a building of this size.





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  1. I had several problems with the photo but finally y could post it.

    Comment by illanrngi23 — 13 May 2010 @ 22:09

  2. Wow, I like a lot your drawing..! Very good!

    I am afraid that you write so fast and for this, your text has a few mistakes of spelling. Pay attention, please, and read twice if it is necessary…

    Comment by teresacd — 16 May 2010 @ 0:38

  3. I like this pisture so much.
    So… congratulations

    Comment by pablosagi23 — 26 May 2010 @ 20:03

  4. Hi, Illán. Your writing about the Colloseum is really good. Just remember that “Roma” is a Spanish word; the English one is “Rome”; also you say “on the wall”. Also, “Roman” like all nationality adjectives in English must be written with capital letter. Ah, your drawing is great!! You are a talented boy.

    Comment by begonavm — 27 May 2010 @ 12:33

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